How can IT help you get through the next hurricane, bomb cyclone, or wild fire?

In a time where it seems the weather is constantly changing and we never know what’s around the corner, we are looking for the best way to work anywhere. While the idea of teleworking has been around for over a decade now it seems that working from home or from another location seems to cause complications. Having your computer with you and having the ability to jump into your work from anywhere is not always as easy as it sounds. Issues with the VPN, not having the correct software, drive access and just general IT problems occur all the time.

Most people are not going to think to grab their laptop on the way out the door in the case of an emergency. Even if it’s not an emergency, sometimes we just forget things. I personally have never been on a trip where I remember everything, someone always forgets something, from a toothbrush to my laptop charger; something is always left at home.

So how can IT help? – “Move it all to the cloud,” that is what every modern IT professional will tell you. What does this even mean? How can you take all of your data and applications and “move it.” There are so many options for the cloud how would you even know what to do, and even if you do “move it all to the cloud” how is moving it going to help.

Moving applications into a cloud solution, such as Microsoft Azure and Office 365, allows them to be accessed from any computer anywhere. Using grandma’s iMac, you could go to a website (without VPN) and use your work applications, check email, and work on documents all in a secure environment. This is what we call the modern workplace, it is an “always, anywhere” solutions where you can always connect from anywhere with an internet connection, and in most cases can even be done from a mobile device.

In most cases this can be built or setup utilizing already owned infrastructure, that your organization may not even realize that they are paying for. Office 365 has brought features that most people will never realize. For instance, this blog is being typed on an apple MacBook that isn’t a work computer nor a computer that I even own. I am not doing this from work, nor am I doing this from home. This computer does not even have office installed on it, yet I am editing this post in Word, and saving it in real time as I type. All on infrastructure that is provided with a basic Office 365 subscription. Oh, did I mention that it is a secure connection!

The Modern Workplace has allowed for us to do this, it allows “always, anywhere” connections that no matter where we are, we can still get work done. Next time that there is something that could mean your employees can’t get into the office for a week or so, be happy knowing that your organization can keep moving forward and progress will not come grinding to a halt, all thanks to a blog post and a phone call you made to your local IT professionals.