Azure Helps Microsoft Soar to Bigger Numbers!

Microsoft & the happy cloud

Looks like there’s no slowing down for Microsoft! Impressive results show in fiscal quarterly & yearly financials for the software giant. Along with revenue increases in hardware (i.e., Surface & XBOX) – a large portion of the revenue stems from their commercial cloud success – Azure, Office 365, & other MS services. This wingspan-success becomes relevant, with global expansions in data centers to 50+ regions, results to why they’re leading the game in cloud providers, showing massive coverage in the field; and spanning penetration (even more) within the industry, alongside arsenals: LinkedIn, GitHub and deepening relationships with Adobe.

But, whoa! Let this one sink in…

Azure: Microsoft’s cloud platform continued to drive its server products and cloud services revenue, which increased 26 percent. The company said Azure’s revenue was up 89 percent “due to growth from consumed and SaaS revenue.” Once again, Microsoft didn’t break out specifics on its Azure products, though it seems pretty clear that this is one of their primary growth drivers. Office 365: Office 365 saw commercial revenue growth of 38 percent, and consumer subscribers increased to 31.4 million. Alongside LinkedIn, Microsoft seems to be assembling a substantial number of subscription SaaS products that offset a shift in its model away from personal computing and into a more cloud-oriented company.”

Microsoft caps off a fine fiscal year seemingly without any major missteps in its last quarter. June 19, 2018. Lynley, Mattew. TechCrunch, (

The intelligent cloud investment pays off & only seeks to magnify service. Furthering growth in Germany, Australia, & Switzerland to name a few. While in the Americas, Azure becomes Walmart’s preferred cloud provider – with hopes to use most, if not all available AI tools and Internet of things (i.e., energy consumption).

Get to know Azure & the goods that come with it…

Let’s consider how human beings behave & adapt to an ecosystem. Whether it’s a house or an apartment – it’s where we eat, sleep, relax – more importantly secured in our solace. The state of applications is quite similar. It needs to be developed, tested, & rolled into production; therefore, it needs a server. This is where Azure plays that roll. A cloud service platform that offers our industry that infrastructure as a service. Instead of purchasing and maintaining a server, you have Microsoft’s datacenter to host those applications. It’s accessible (anytime) over the internet, reliably fast, & secure.

Want to dive in deeper? We’ve compiled some resources on everything Azure – from production information, step-by-step implementation guides, and architecture documentation, free online courses, and becoming certified! Also, be sure not miss out on this year’s Microsoft Ignite; including pre-day workshop strategies when migrating to Azure, deep dives into the modern world with Office 365 & productivity collaborations.

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