Microsoft open-sources 60,000 patents

Calling all DEVs!

Microsoft follows suit with their share of anti-patents. Amongst their tech contenders, MS reported that it has joined open-source patent group, Open Invention Network (OIN); in an endeavor to protect Linux from patent lawsuits. A little FYI on OIN: they provide a license platform for Linux, say for some 2,400 companies – from small developers to big ones like Google. And members have access to OIN patents & cross licenses – royalty free. So, with Microsoft making 60,000 patents (open source &) available to members, gives the developer community something to be ecstatic about.

There’s no secret that the tech giant has evolved to a warmer, more inclusive persona – silencing skeptics with Anderson’s, “We know Microsoft’s decision to join OIN may be viewed as surprising to some; it is no secret that there has been friction in the past between Microsoft and the open source community over the issue of patents… For others who have followed our evolution, we hope this announcement will be viewed as the next logical step for a company that is listening to customers and developers and is firmly committed to Linux and other open source programs.”

Regardless of what MS is making available – it’s a good thing for developers,  and affects the Linux environment with way more room to innovate. And now, the Ballmer chant: “Developers!” (3x)