Microsoft Teams Rooms Systems

Manage it all from the Admin Center.

Managing Teams Room Systems

You can now manage and delve into Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) directly from the Teams Admin Center ( This feature allows you to see what the make, model, health status, and history of your MTR. This provides quick diagnostics for administrators, easy usage reports and call quality analytics. Microsoft Teams collaboration bars have the same integration into the admin center as showed below, just in a different section!

Teams Rooms in Admin Center v1

When you go into the detailed view of the MTR it gives you the ability to see the same settings in addition to device quality and activity for the last 7 days, it also gives you the ability to reboot the machine or download device logs.

The panel below shows the peripherals connected to the MTR and their status; this is an administrator dream when it comes to troubleshooting conference rooms. This view permits administrators the ability to quickly see if something is unplugged or showing an unconnected status.

The Health screen shows details about the connectivity of the device such as: when a peripheral went offline, if the machine doesn’t have network connectivity and when, along with details around specific machines signed into its Meeting Room account.

The Teams Rooms systems support simple, consistent, and reliable meetings for users. These are just a few of the latest benefits of moving to Microsoft Teams Rooms for you conferencing solution, check out our previous blog, Microsoft Teams Rooms: Modernize Your Meetings or contact our experts to find out more.

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