Microsoft 365 & The Future of Work

an employee onboarding success story

Microsoft 365 & The Future of Work

an employee onboarding success story

Empower your work-from-anywhere workforce with Microsoft 365

The modern workplace is less about “place” and more about being able to work collaboratively and efficiently no matter where you are. In fact, remote work was growing even before the COVID-19 pandemic began, and it has skyrocketed since then. The advantages are many, from increased productivity and employee retention to greater workforce diversity.

Technology makes remote work possible – particularly Microsoft 365. From onboarding new staff remotely to enhancing productivity, Microsoft 365 can be central to your digitally-driven, work-from-anywhere culture.

Not only is it cloud-based, which means employees can easily access important documents and data no matter where they are, it also offers enterprise-level security. And Microsoft 365 can empower your remote workforce, from their first day onwards.

Making new hires feel like part of the team right from the beginning

Imagine you have a gap to fill on your staff, and you find a fantastic candidate – but she’s located miles away from your company’s headquarters. The collaboration and communications enabled by Microsoft 365 mean that remote employee can integrate smoothly, and quickly become a productive part of your team.

You’ll want to make sure the employee can access email, collaboration tools, video conferencing capabilities, intranet systems, internal databases and other platforms right away so they can hit the ground running. Microsoft 365 makes this easy, so your new employee can feel like part of the team from day one.

You can use Microsoft Teams, for instance, to set up welcome video conversations between the new hire and key colleagues so they can get to know each other. Gather the whole department for an intro meeting. Even set up a virtual mentor or buddy to help the new person acclimatize. These personal touches go a long way toward establishing relationships among the team, which supports a stronger culture and effective teamwork.

A great onboarding process also includes training, so the new hire knows how to use the technology and tools they need for their job. FSi Strategies can help you with this; we offer an education portal that can be customized for your workplace and includes unique, immersive training experiences and reporting metrics to measure success.

Enabling a great start to productive days

Once your new remote employee is trained and ready to roll, Microsoft 365 can help to make sure her days are as productive as possible. While she sips her first coffee of the morning, she can fire up her computer and open Microsoft Edge to get to your company’s branded intranet homepage. There she’ll find access to the tools she needs to do her job – including the apps that you have selected for your business to support your unique needs.

She can check Outlook to review her calendar for the day and respond to any important emails that might have arrived overnight. She can glance at Teams to see which colleagues are online, and send a quick message for clarification on a project that’s due that day.

Driving team collaboration and integration

Although the employee might be working remotely, she will need to connect and work together in real-time with those in the office or other remote locations. Microsoft 365 makes that easy. For instance, both Microsoft 365 Business Voice and Enterprise Voice for Teams enable that, bringing together chat, collaboration, meetings and calling all in one place.

Some of the newest features of Teams can make your teams feel more connected than ever, even if they are all working from home or other locations. These include Together Mode, which uses AI segmentation technology to digitally place cut-out images of participants in a shared background, like a conference room or lecture theater, and large-gallery mode, which allows for a view of up to 49 people.

Powerful, scalable business applications

There’s much more to Microsoft 365 than its ability to power collaboration and teamwork, as important as that is. It contains a set of tools that can help you create powerful and scalable business applications so your teams – including that new remote worker – can utilize the power of the cloud and leverage all of Microsoft’s latest productivity capabilities.

Some of these tools include:

  • Microsoft Forms, which enables the creation of surveys, quizzes and polls.
  • PowerApps, which allow users to build apps that work on mobile, desktop and the web using a simple, yet powerful, point-and-click approach to app design.
  • Microsoft Flow, which is a business process automation tool included with most Office 365 licenses.
  • Power BI, which enables the creation of powerful reports and dashboards.

FSi Strategies can help

The business world is experiencing a massive digital transformation, accelerated by the impact of the pandemic, and remote work is here to stay. Why not make sure your organization, and your teams, are strategically set up for success with Microsoft 365?

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and Direct CSP (Cloud Service Provider), FSi specializes in Microsoft Cloud and Modern Workplace solutions. We offer a Training, Adoption and Change Management platform paired with custom learning paths to ensure user adoption and implementation success. We are also a Microsoft Teams TAP (Technology Adoption Program) partner for both devices and features. All of this means we know Microsoft 365. We pride ourselves on our strategic capabilities and can help you to optimize the platform so your employees can be as productive, collaborative, and effective as possible.

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