The Digital Divide

...and how to overcome the productivity gap

The Digital Divide

...and how to overcome the productivity gap

How modern IT can help you avoid the productivity gap

There’s a growing productivity gap between organizations that have access to modern technology and know how to use it – and those that don’t. In our rapidly changing world, the companies on the wrong side of this digital divide are being outpaced by their competitors and risking their very future.

Don’t let this happen to you.

How the digital divide could be leaving your business behind

You’ve likely seen the changes in the workforce and in work itself, as well as rapid changes in technology, that are causing this growing gap between successful companies and those that are stagnating.

First of all, “work” is no longer a place that people go; rather, it is a thing that you do. The modern workplace involves working from any device, from anywhere and at any time. Teams need to be able to collaborate, from any location, to harness ideas and innovation. They also need to have the confidence of knowing that their business can continue to operate – or can quickly recover – if systems go down or if they face a data breach.

Technology has adapted to support the needs of the modern workplace. For instance, cloud-based tools such as Microsoft 365 enable employees to work together, accessing important documents and data no matter where they are, while also offering enterprise-level security.

If you haven’t yet embraced modern IT to allow for mobility, teamwork and security, you may be left behind. This trend existed before the pandemic, but it accelerated quickly when businesses had to pivot to a remote model overnight. If you didn’t have the foundational technology in place to do that, you may find that you are still trying to catch up. Employees themselves are changing, too. Soon “digital native” millennials will make up 75 percent of the workforce. This is a generation that rates the technology experience as an important factor in choosing where to work. Companies on the wrong side of the digital divide will find themselves struggling to hire top talent, again putting them further behind competitively.

What you can do to overcome the productivity gap

You might think that IT modernization and digital transformation are out of reach for your small or mid-sized business. But, thanks to the cloud, today’s technology is actually far more affordable and available than ever before.

If you have been putting off an IT modernization because you don’t know where to start, or you think you don’t have the right financial or staff resources, don’t worry. Gone are the days when you needed massive IT investments and in-house teams to gain a competitive edge. You don’t need on-premise servers and technology systems anymore, or the costly infrastructure that goes with them. There is a wide range of cloud-based services that are available via affordable subscription-based models. This means modern IT is no longer unattainable, regardless of the size of your business or your budget.

What you might need is support, guidance and expertise to help you navigate these modern technology options, and learn how you too can leverage the latest and greatest IT. That’s where Managed Services Providers like FSi Strategies come in. To learn more about what to look for in a Managed Services Provider, check out our eBook here.

As our president and CEO Redha Morsli notes, “More than ever, MSPs are well positioned to help organizations overcome this growing digital divide. The days of just supporting and managing technology are over.”

IT modernization is no longer a wish-list item; it is at the very core of your ability to survive the next five years. And we’re here to help. We can map out a custom IT strategy that works for your business, and we can support you over the long-term to ensure your technology continues to meet your needs – so your business can thrive.

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