You're in-house IT versus an MSP

a dive into the great debate

You're in-house IT versus an MSP

a dive into the great debate

Your IT Department vs. an MSP

As your business grows, there may come a point when you ask yourself whether you should invest in building your in-house IT department or engage a Managed Services Provider.

The answer, of course, depends on your circumstances. But there are a few key things you’ll want to consider, including availability and level of support, and the costs and challenges of hiring for the right skill set. You can read more in our e-book, Technology, Transformation, & The Modern Workplace.

IT support you need, when you need it

Traditionally, one of the advantages of an in-house IT department has been on-site support. But in a world where workplaces have moved to a remote or hybrid model, users have grown accustomed to off-site, online or phone support.

An outsourced IT team can be on call 24×7, with a helpdesk ready to handle user needs, updates and requests. And a good MSP can also provide support at your facility if need be, supplementing your in-house team if you have one. You gain flexibility – as well as the peace of mind of knowing someone is there whenever you need them.

The right mix of knowledge and skills

An in-house IT team or specialist may have greater knowledge and understanding of the internal workings of your business than a newly hired MSP. That is invaluable.

But it can be challenging and costly to recruit and hire IT employees. With the accelerated pace of digital transformation, there is more demand than ever for staff with IT skills and a shortage of available qualified candidates.

Recruiting and hiring is expensive, too. Estimates put the average cost of hiring one person at around $10,000 – and even then, you can’t be guaranteed that you will find someone who has all the IT skills you need.

When you engage an MSP that’s the right fit for your organization, they’ll have the broad range of capabilities you require. They shoulder the burden of recruiting and hiring staff with specialized skill sets, so you don’t have to, and they take care of keeping their teams trained on the latest technological developments. That gives them the know-how to help you develop your IT strategy, manage and mitigate risks, and ensure your IT systems are well-positioned to support your business today and over the long haul.

The best of both worlds

Many companies find there is a role to play for both in-house and outsourced IT. You might want an IT expert on staff who can provide a link to the business, coupled with a professional MSP that can bring more specialized IT expertise. It saves you from the need to invest in training and other staff overhead, and it frees you up to focus on what you do best: running your business.

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