Blog: Microsoft Teams Panels
Microsoft Teams Panels

Manage your meeting spaces more efficiently.

Blog: Microsoft Teams Panels
Microsoft Teams Panels

Manage your meeting spaces more efficiently.

Managing meeting space availability

We’ve all been there. You’re engaged in an important meeting when a colleague knocks on the door to say they have the conference room booked for the next half hour and you need to get out. You’re sure you had the space for the full hour but it turns out there’s been a mix-up. Confusion ensues, someone has to seek out another room, time is wasted, and your meeting has lost energy and focus.

The situation can be even more complicated in today’s hybrid workplace. With some members of the team working from home and others in the office, coupled with the necessity of adhering to important social distancing protocols, there’s a greater need than ever for tools to help coordinate meeting spaces. Regardless of where people are, they need to be able to meet and collaborate, and to have an efficient system to make it all happen.

Enter Microsoft Teams Panels.

Teams Panels are dedicated Microsoft Teams touchscreen devices that display details of meetings scheduled using Teams or Outlook 365 calendars. You set up your Teams Panels device outside a conference room so staff can easily view meeting details for that particular room, including the organizer and topic. Employees can tell at a glance if they are arriving in the right location at the right time – which is particularly important for businesses with many different meeting spaces.

If a room isn’t booked, the user can reserve the space right then and there. If it is fully booked, Teams Panels also allows the individual to see what other conference rooms might be available and book one directly from the device.

Teams Panels also support the hybrid workplace by helping users to reserve rooms that have both the capacity to accommodate people in the office and the tools to connect with those working from home. Teams Panels includes accessibility features such as high-contrast text to make the device easier to use. Teams Panels even allows for customization, so you can change the look with different backgrounds, helping to give your office a more professional appearance. And administration is straightforward; any Teams Panels device can be managed from the Teams Admin Center.

Bring Teams Panels on board to streamline your meeting space system

FSi Strategies can help you integrate Teams Panels into your business. We work with both Crestron and Yealink, the two hardware partners currently on board to build the devices, and we have helped lots of companies like yours.

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