Blog: Windows 11 (What to Expect)
Windows 11 is on its way

Here's what to expect.

Blog: Windows 11 (What to Expect)
Windows 11 is on its way

Here's what to expect.

Microsoft has announced that Windows 11 will be available by the 2021 holiday season, and we couldn’t be more excited.

The new version of the operating system will include a modern, fresh user experience, designed to empower productivity and inspire creativity. The brand-new user interface offers improved multitasking so you can get more done more efficiently. It brings teams together in new ways with enhanced communications features. And, more than ever, Windows can be your central hub for work, home, school and keeping in touch with the news and information that matter to you.

Let’s take a closer look at what Windows 11 has to offer:

»  It’s built on the Windows 10 foundation, making it compatible with your current environment and apps. If you are already a Windows 10 shop, upgrading to Windows 11 will be much like a Windows 10 update. Microsoft has stated its commitment to app compatibility, which means your applications will work on Windows 11 with App Assure, a service that helps customers with 150 or more users fix any app issues they might run into at no additional cost.

»  The UI is simple – and designed to empower users’ creativity and productivity. The new look and feel of Windows 11 is intended to make it easy for users to find what they need, enabling more innovation and creativity in the modern workplace. For instance, it includes new tools called Snap Layouts, Snap Groups and Desktops, which will help users organize their windows and optimize their screen any way they want. Microsoft has also moved the Start button to the center of the taskbar, at the bottom middle of the user’s screen, to put it closer to where the user is working (but with the option of moving it back to the familiar left-hand side if you prefer). In addition, using the power of the cloud and Microsoft 365, Windows 11 provides users with the ability to view their recent files no matter which platform or device they last viewed them on. That means users can seamlessly move from devices such as a Windows notebook to an Android phone to an iPad, and easily view their files.

»  It’s secure. Increasing cyber threats mean security is essential in the modern workplace. Windows 11 has you covered with built-in security technologies that provide protection for your data.

»  Communicating and collaborating are easier than ever. Windows 11 integrates Chat from Microsoft Teams right into the taskbar, which gives users the ability to connect with any of their contacts through text, chat, voice or video, regardless of which platform or device they’re on. In addition, Windows 11 adds more features to Teams, such as the ability to instantly mute and unmute, or to start presenting directly from the taskbar.

»  News and information are at your fingertips. With Windows 11, Microsoft is introducing Widgets, a personalized feed powered by AI and Microsoft Edge that provides users with a curated view of their to-do lists, calendar, news, weather and other notifications.

»  It provides an improved experience for touch and voice typing. Voice typing is greatly enhanced in Windows 11 – not only can it recognize the words a user says, but it can also insert punctuation, and it offers voice commands. In addition, Windows 11 makes the touch experience much better, adding such features as more space between icons in the taskbar and bigger touch targets. It also enables haptics so people using a pen to access their device can hear sounds and feel vibrations as they work.

»  The new Microsoft Store delivers apps and content. Microsoft Store has undergone a redesign that includes more apps, as well as better searchability across all content, from games to shows to apps. Third-party apps like Microsoft Teams, Visual Studio, Disney+, Adobe Creative Cloud, Zoom and Canva are also set to be added to the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft has announced that Windows 11 will be available through a free upgrade for eligible Windows 10 PCs and on new PCs starting in the 2021 holiday season. Support for Windows 10 is expected to continue through until 2025, so you can also continue to use that OS until then.

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