Blog: Service Launch
Modern IT Support Plans

you need to engage, accelerate, optimize & protect your business

Blog: Service Launch
Modern IT Support Plans

you need to engage, accelerate, optimize & protect your business

Engage, Accelerate, Optimize & Protect your business

In our increasingly digital world, the workplace is changing – fast. Employees today expect to be able to collaborate from anywhere, on any device, with the data they need at their fingertips. If you want to be competitive you must embrace this new culture of work. After all, a modern workplace gives you the tools to boost customer experience, revenues, data-driven decision-making and innovation.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? But we all know it’s not that easy. In order to build and maintain a modern workplace, you have to be able to engage your employees, accelerate collaboration, and optimize and protect their IT environment.

That’s why FSi Strategies has developed three IT support plans to help you do just that. Called Engage, Accelerate, and Optimize & Protect, FSi’s modern managed IT support plans provide a complete solution, ensuring that you get the most out of your technology investments.


Our Engage Managed IT support plan provides a proactive solution to User Support, Management, Essential Security and Strategic Cloud Planning to empower your team to work better from anywhere. Services include:

»  User support
»  Office 365 Support & Management
»  Workstation monitoring and management
»  Essential security
»  Strategic cloud planning
»  Client success management and Vendor Management


FSi’s Accelerate Managed IT support plan includes everything available within our Engage plan, with the added benefit of Modern Teamwork Support and Management & Training and Adoption. Empower your employees through modern training and increased adoption of your policies and technology investments, ensuring that your team has the skills and support to deliver on your long-term business strategy. In addition to all the features offered in the Engage plan, Accelerate services include:

Our Modern Teamwork Solution, which maximizes your employees’ collaboration and productivity, through:
»  Advanced Teams, SharePoint support and management
»  Teams and SharePoint Acceleration, Best Practice & Optimization
»  Document Library and Workflow Audit
»  SharePoint Application Knowledge Share

Training and Adoption, delivered through a combination of Instructor led trainings, Microsoft Certified Trainers and the FSi Empower Learning Hub, providing:
»  Successful employee onboarding
»  Training, certification and compliance
»  In-person training and workshops
»  Training to drive adoption of technology

Optimize & Protect

FSi’s Optimize & Protect Managed IT support plan provides the most comprehensive and modern approach to Managed Services, enabling you to empower your organization through a secure modern, all-in-one communication solution while fortifying your organizations security against external threats, data leaks and control who has access to critical business information.

This plan delivers all the features available within our Engage and Accelerate plans, plus:

Modern Security Planning & Design, including:
»  Identity Security
»  Device Security
»  Content Security

Modern Security Management, including:
»  Security Monitoring
»  Incident Response
»  Phishing Simulation

Modern communication, allowing users to take calls from anywhere on any device, streamlining meetings, chat and collaboration into a single application. This service includes:
»  Management
»  System architecture
»  Training
»  Security

The FSi Strategies difference

To optimize the work-anywhere culture of the modern workplace and ensure your business is competitive, resilient and secure, you need a combination of the right technology and the right partner. That’s where FSi comes in.

The FSi difference is our focus on strategic planning. No matter which one of our IT support plans is right for your business, strategy is at its core. We deliver strategy through planning and design, implementation, training and adoption, and cloud solution management for your modern workplace.

We are proud to be a user-experience focused Managed Service Provider and recognized Gold Microsoft Partner with over 20 years of experience. As Microsoft Cloud experts, we provide strategic enterprise-class Modern Workplace IT solutions that engage your employees and accelerate productivity and collaboration while optimizing your environment securely.

Talk to us today to engage, accelerate, optimize and protect your business.

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Ask us about integrating your tools & platforms together – with architectural coherence and extensibility. Designing, implementing and supporting Modern Workplace technology is what FSi Strategies specializes in. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses implement modern security strategies in support of their missions. We invite you to discover how together, we can leverage the intelligent Cloud for the security and privacy needs of your business.