Blog: Hybrid Workplace Campaign
Hybrid is the future of work.

Are you ready?

Blog: Hybrid Workplace Campaign
Hybrid is the future of work.

Are you ready?

Which hybrid model are you?

The sudden shift to remote work brought on by the global pandemic created massive disruption, changing the workplace almost overnight. It also accelerated digital transformation strategies in organizations across the country. But what’s happening now will alter the workplace in far deeper and more profound ways.

Recent Gallup data shows, that the majority of remote workers are millennials…




 versus Gen Xers


 and Baby Boomers

…and almost half of all millennial employees, 46% work from home.

Among millennials who work remotely, 54% have “thriving” wellbeing, compared with 47% among those who work on-site. For context, the average among all U.S. adults is 48.8%, a 12-year low according to (Gallup) data. Millennials are also fare more engaged when they wore remotely: 41%, versus 29% among those who work on-site.


of them don’t want to go back to the office five days a week.

A new way of work.

We are transitioning to a hybrid workplace model much more rapidly than many would have believed possible just a couple of years ago. Employees are now routinely working remotely, or in the office, or a combination of both. Staff, partners, and customers have quickly come to expect much greater flexibility, both in terms of where and when work gets done.

Companies need to be able to accommodate this reality because the hybrid workplace is here to stay. In part, that’s because it was a trend that started well before the pandemic. Workplace demographics were already shifting, with the “born-in-the-cloud” millennial generation making up more and more of the workforce – and bringing with them greater expectations for flexibility and work-life balance, as Gallup has reported.

The need to maintain business continuity during the pandemic normalized remote work and flexibility. It gave us all a glimpse of what can be achieved through digital transformation. And it’s not going away.

So now is the time to be strategic. Ensure your business is set up to embrace the hybrid model, both in terms of technology and your organizational structure and policies, so you are well-prepared for the changing future of work and the evolving expectations – and opportunities – it brings with it.

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The Hybrid Workplace is here.

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