Blog: Microsoft Inspire 2022 Takeaways
Microsoft Ignite 2022

takeaways from the event

Microsoft Ignite 2022

Microsoft Ignite is an annual conference for industry experts to learn about the ways that Microsoft is empowering users to thrive in a world where hybrid and remote work is the new normal.

“…we are going through a period of historic economic, societal and technological change. But for all the uncertainty we continue to see in the world, one thing is clear: Organizations in every industry are turning to you and your digital capability to help them do more with less, so that they can navigate this change and emerge much stronger,” said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

These changes pose new challenges for employees and employers. How can collaboration stay the same in a hybrid environment? How can security be ensured with employees across different states and countries? How can a company culture be maintained for employees outside of the office?

Here are our key highlights from Microsoft Ignite 2022:

Microsoft Teams

New features in Microsoft Teams. Ignite fully displayed how Microsoft is dedicated to turning Teams into a one-stop hub for collaboration and communication.

Microsoft Teams Premium is an add-on that boasts more features for organizations that need upgraded capabilities. Teams Premium will support customizable meeting guides, automatically assigned AI-generated tasks, intelligent meeting recaps, and live translations for captions so that nobody in your meeting is out of the loop. Teams Premium will also feature Advanced webinars and advanced virtual appointments.

Teams Rooms and Teams Devices took the spotlight during Microsoft Ignite. These devices are part of Microsoft’s commitment to bridging the gap between remote and in-office employees to create one cohesive workplace. FSi Strategies recently announced our partnership with Yealink, a global leading unified communication terminal solution provider with a portfolio of Teams Devices. At Microsoft Ignite, Yealink unveiled the SmartVision 60, an intelligent 360-degree all-in-one camera that is seamlessly compatible with Microsoft Teams.

Following the announcement of Microsoft’s partnership with Meta, the company announced Mesh avatars for Teams, a new feature that will allow users to be more immersed in virtual meetings even at times when they may not be camera-ready. The feature will allow users to create up to three avatars with different options and accessories.

Microsoft Loop components will soon be more widespread in the ecosystem and allow users to embed a Loop component in a Microsoft Teams chat, an email, or a document. Loop components can be used for real-time collaboration by inserting a poll, checklist, or paragraph that users can edit simultaneously.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft’s fast and secure browser will be receiving an update with Microsoft Edge Workspaces, a function that will allow for browser-based collaboration within groups. Edge Workspaces will utilize a shared set of tabs so that groups can see the same websites and files without cluttered email inboxes.

Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva was introduced in 2021 as Microsoft’s employee experience platform. Viva has been an asset in developing cohesion in the hybrid workplace, and now it’s getting three new features. Viva Goals integrates with over 30 programs to automatically measure objectives and results and create one hub for an overview. Viva Pulse allows leaders to check in with teams and team members easily and confidentially so that they can better understand how each employee operates and what that employee needs to thrive. Viva Amplify allows leaders to create and publish internal communications across Teams, emails, and other channels without leaving Viva.

Microsoft Places

Microsoft Places is a new product that will help employees operate in a hybrid workspace. Places will allow hybrid teams to see what days and times team members are planning on coming into the office, and it will allow people to book space on those days.

Enhanced security across the board. Security is one of the top priorities for every business and organization, and Microsoft is reinforcing its dedication to protecting everything and everyone. Microsoft now offers an all-encompassing security solution, meaning customers don’t need to adopt multiple security solutions.

As a Microsoft Partner, we are ready to help you unleash the potential of these new releases. Talk to us about how strategic IT solutions like these can help you thrive in the new hybrid, work-from-anywhere world.

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