Blog: How Learning Drives FSi's Success
How learning drives FSi's success

recognizing our Microsoft Certified Trainers

Recognizing our Microsoft Certified Trainers

As technology continues to evolve and grow, we strive to stay ahead of the curve and provide the best service possible to our clients. To achieve this, FSi Strategies developed four cultural pillars that guide how we operate: Innovation; Learning; Customer Connected; and Inclusion. These core values guide everything we do at FSi and how we do it.

Learning is a core component of our culture, and we believe that investing in the professional development of our employees benefits both our team and our clients. Training is a key part of modern work, and by staying up to date with the latest technologies and trends, we’re equipped to anticipate and address our clients’ needs. That’s why we prioritize ongoing learning and certifications for our team members. In fact, our team currently holds a total of 128 Microsoft Certifications.

But why do we value certifications so much? Microsoft Certifications enable individuals to demonstrate their knowledge and skills with Microsoft solutions and technology, displaying their ability to operate in the modern work environment. A recent study found that certifications also lead to personal benefits for recipients including increased confidence, higher rates of job satisfaction, and increased respect from peers. At FSi Strategies, Microsoft certification is a top priority; every single one of our employees from the CEO to the administrative staff gains a certification.

Recently, we had the exciting opportunity to announce that seven of our employees have become Microsoft Certified Trainers. These certifications are a testament to our team’s dedication to ongoing learning and development. The seven staff members who have earned their MCT certifications are John Firth, Mike Lazich, Hasmik Najaryan, Trystan Bennett, David Elkins, Peter Stasik, and Charles Rutkowski. We’re excited to recognize their hard work and dedication. Their hard work is a prime example of the importance of learning in our culture at FSi, and we’re proud to have them as part of our team. As Microsoft Certified Trainers, these individuals have demonstrated exceptional technical and instructional experience in Microsoft technologies.

We are thrilled to have seven staff members become Microsoft Certified Trainers,” said CEO Redha Morsli. “Learning is a core part of our culture at FSi, and these certifications reflect our commitment to learning, continued growth, and delivering exceptional services to our clients.

Promoting learning enables FSi to cultivate growth on both a personal level and organizational level, ensuring that we’re just as invested in our employees’ development as they are in our business’s. It’s an important part of how we’re able to provide specialized IT management and consulting services in an evolving digital economy. Doing more with less begins with having a highly skilled and certified team. We are deeply committed to ongoing education and training because it ensures we can deliver excellence to our clients.

At FSi, we’re committed to providing exceptional services to our clients, and our focus on learning is a key part of that commitment. We believe that investing in our team not only benefits our employees, but it also ensures that we’re equipped to provide expert services to our clients.

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