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Choosing a Managed Service Provider can be a challenge. In our recent blog, we broke down the top five most important factors to consider when selecting a Managed Service Provider, and one of them was culture. At FSi Strategies, everything we do is centered around our four cultural pillars: Innovation; Learning; Customer Connected; and Inclusion.

At FSi Strategies, we believe staying customer connected is a core part of our mission of helping clients achieve more. As a Managed Service Provider, our goal is always to help you stay ahead of the curve and leverage the technology you need to succeed. And in order to do that, it’s important that we stay connected to your organization. Our Client Experience Team drives our commitment to bringing that cultural pillar to life.

“Our commitment to an exceptional Client Experience is ingrained in every aspect of our operations. From the inception of the relationship and onward, we are always listening to feedback from our clients and, most importantly, collating and analyzing that data, for example, via bi-annual surveys through Dynamics 365, to create actionable insights that align with their business needs. To that end we are constantly striving to continually improve our service delivery across all teams to evolve and promote true partnerships with our clients,” said Director of Client Experience Chris Wolin.

FSi’s Client Experience Team manages client accounts with a strong focus on growing and fostering partnerships with clients. The team has extensive experience working in managed services and helping clients successfully leverage technology to enable modern work. They work to ensure that FSi is building a strong foundation for data-driven client engagement.

According to a report from Salesforce, 88% of customers say that the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services. At FSi Strategies, our client experience is a core part of our service as your MSP. If we did not stay connected to our customers, then we wouldn’t be able to help them leverage the solutions they need.

Our Service Desk is another part of FSi that embodies our commitment to staying connected to our customers. Throughout the past two decades, we have worked to tailor our service desk to provide the best possible experience for clients. FSi was one of the first MSPs in the Washington, DC, Metropolitan area to implement policies following the Information Technology Infrastructure Library’s (ITIL) best practice recommendations. In line with those practices, we implemented a fixed-fee, unlimited service model for our service desk as well as a no voicemail policy, meaning that when you call us to address an issue, we will always answer.

These policies have helped us ensure that our customers are satisfied and their technology needs are taken care of in a timely manner.


Renewal Rate
Our clients renew their contracts after the first year.


Customer Satisfaction
From clients surveyed, they are happy with our work.


Year Average
Clients choose FSi. Better yet, they stay with FSi.

Earlier this year, FSi’s Service Desk began utilizing a SmileBack Survey for immediate feedback on every ticket, and the results have helped us further fine-tune the way we work. After your ticket is resolved by one of our service desk technicians, you will be prompted to share feedback in the form of a smiley face, a neutral face, or a frowny face, and you can also leave a comment on the ticket to provide additional feedback. This helps us ensure that our clients are satisfied with the service we provide, and if they are not, it helps us address their concerns.

“These surveys are an invaluable addition to our Service Desk, and they have already helped us to improve our service delivery. The real time feedback ensures client satisfaction and is analyzed daily to improve internal processes where needed,” said Director of the Service Desk Charles Rutkowski.

Staying customer connected is a core part of our culture at FSi Strategies, and our Service Desk and Client Experience Team are both integral elements of how we operate. If you would like to learn more about how our client experience helps us and our customers succeed, contact us today to start your journey with an MSP that puts its customer experience first.

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