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FSi at the M365 Conference

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FSi Strategies at the 2023 M365 Conference

At FSi Strategies, we are committed to continuous learning, and that means staying at the forefront of modern work advancements and developments in order to provide our clients with the best solutions. As part of our dedication to learning, we recently attended the 2023 Microsoft 365 Conference in Las Vegas. The Microsoft 365 Conference saw the introduction of groundbreaking features, updates, and products that will revolutionize the modern workplace…

…and we’re excited to share our key takeaways with you

Enhancing inventory management with SharePoint Advanced Reporting

The add-on, which includes management for stock-keeping units (SKUs), is available to customers who have existing SharePoint licenses. This update benefits businesses by providing comprehensive access to insights on inventory management in order to enable informed decision making and streamlined operations.

Evolving your employee experience with the Viva Suite

Microsoft Viva Suite is continuing to evolve with the expansion of Viva Goals and the introduction of new products like Amplify and Glint. These additions will enable organizations to develop an extensive employee experience that’s tailored to the modern workplace. With Viva, companies will be able to transform how they interact with data and foster collaboration among teams.

Streamlined file management across platforms in OneDrive

During the conference, Microsoft unveiled significant updates to OneDrive, offering users a fresh new visual and functional experience. The updates include enhanced navigation capabilities that make it easier to manage files across platforms, including web browsers, Mac OS, and File Explorer. The updates also bring improved organizational features that make it faster and easier to organize, recover, and upload personal, shared, and team files in OneDrive.

Simplified navigation and AI integration in SharePoint

Alongside OneDrive, SharePoint has received a new look and feel with an updated user interface. The revamped SharePoint offers improved navigation with a more user-friendly and intuitive experience. Additionally, with Copilot for SharePoint, building SharePoint sites and pages is easier than ever before.

Empowering users with Power Platform AI integration

Microsoft’s Power Platform now offers AI integration that allows users to describe their workflow needs using everyday language, and AI will create it for them. This breakthrough simplifies the process of building workflows and increases overall efficiency, enabling businesses to automate routine tasks and effectively streamline operations.

Elevating productivity with Copilot

The biggest highlight of the conference was the unveiling of Microsoft 365 Copilot, an AI-powered assistant designed to help you navigate the modern work landscape in a whole new way. Integrated with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, along with SharePoint, Teams, Outlook, and Power Platform, Copilot will enhance productivity by providing personalized assistance.

As your trusted partner, FSi Strategies is committed to helping you leverage these new products, features, and updates to empower your organization. Reach out to us today to learn how you can embrace the full potential of Microsoft 365.

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