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Hybrid Work & Modern Technology

Over the past decade, the modern work landscape has changed, and a large gap has emerged between companies that embrace new technologies and technical training and those that don’t.

With the emergence and development of cloud technology, the world of modern work has changed in two ways. First, employees can work securely and efficiently from any device at any time anywhere. Second, collaboration and productivity have evolved in a new way because employees are connected across organizational boundaries. The way we work is changing, providing a new, empowering workplace for a multigenerational workforce.

Regardless of whether your company operates with a hybrid workplace, work has evolved, and in today’s modern work environment, collaboration, communication, and productivity are completely different. Over the past decade, technology has developed at a pace that makes it difficult for organizations to keep up with, but it isn’t impossible. Having a partnership with a reliable Managed Service Provider (MSP) and knowing what you can do to enhance your user experience are empirical to successfully utilizing emerging technologies.

Modern work is not hard, but adapting to the new ways of working can be. In order to thrive in a hybrid or modern workplace, you need to invest in modern infrastructure. This means embracing cloud technology and platforms that can enhance collaboration and productivity like Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. These tools make collaboration between coworkers seamless, easy, and efficient. But it’s also important to invest in training employees to ensure that they understand the tools and technologies they need in order to do their jobs. 83% of businesses are struggling to find employees with necessary technical skills, and it can be even harder for businesses that are not willing to invest in ensuring their current employees are well-trained.

Many companies are not making the necessary investments to ensure they thrive in the modern workplace, and with the advent of AI infused productivity, companies that fail to invest in policies, technologies, and training are going to face a greater challenge than ever before. Ensuring you have an MSP that provides strategic planning and guidance on modernization is the first step in fortifying your business for the world of modern work. Your MSP should also understand that the hybrid work environment is constantly changing and evolving with technology, and in order to keep up with it, learning should be a priority.

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