FSi - Microsoft Inspire 2023
Microsoft Inspire 2023

event highlights & takeaways

The AI transformation

Last week, FSi Strategies attended the 2023 Microsoft Inspire Conference for partners. Microsoft Inspire gives partners the opportunity to learn about Microsoft’s roadmap for the upcoming year, develop new skills, and hear about the exciting new features and latest product updates. As the modern workplace continues to evolve and change, AI took center stage at Inspire this year with Microsoft continuing to lead the way into an era of AI in modern work.

Here are our highlights from Microsoft Inspire 2023:


Microsoft Copilot is bringing easy-to-use AI to the workplace and elevating your experience with Microsoft to the next level. Copilot was announced earlier this year, but Inspire brought more information than ever before about what Copilot is, how much it will cost, and how it can help you. Integrated with the entire M365 Suite, Teams, Outlook, Viva, and more, Copilot can deliver relevant, in-depth, and actionable responses to your questions while putting thousands of skills at your fingertips with the power of generative AI. Utilizing Copilot will help you leverage AI for productivity and collaboration, making it easier than ever before to create PowerPoint presentations, analyze data in Excel, write effectively in Word, generate recaps and summaries of Teams meetings, and more.

In Dynamics 365, Microsoft Sales Copilot (formerly Viva Sales) will expand sellers’ toolboxes, enabling the creation of AI-generated opportunity summaries and helping sellers prepare for meetings. It will also enable seamless collaboration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms like Salesforce.

Bing Chat Enterprise

Earlier this year, Microsoft unveiled the new Bing, enhancing the search engine’s data with generative AI from OpenAI. Now, they have introduced Bing Chat Enterprise, an AI-powered chat for the work environment. Bing chat enterprise enables you to use the generative AI power of Bing without worrying about your personal data or your company’s data being at risk. This means you can use Bing Chat Enterprise to create messaging and gain insights for your company without having to worry that your data will be compromised. Bing Chat Enterprise is available at no additional cost to businesses utilizing Microsoft licenses.

Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program

One of the biggest announcements from Inspire this year was the introduction and launch of the new Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program, which will empower Microsoft partners to deliver new value to clients through AI integration in the Microsoft Cloud.

As a trusted Microsoft Solutions Partner, FSi stays at the forefront of Modern Work developments, and we’re excited about the news coming out of this year’s Microsoft Inspire. If you would like to learn more about recent developments from Microsoft and how you can embrace new ways of collaborating, contact us today to unlock the full potential of Microsoft in the modern workplace.

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