Blog: Copilot in Action
Copilot in Action

How business can leverage AI for work

Maximizing AI’s Impact on Business Productivity

Copilot for Microsoft 365 is a revolutionary tool that introduces AI directly into your organization’s workflow, seamlessly integrating it into the Microsoft ecosystem to help you improve productivity, enhance collaboration, and boost creativity. Copilot has helped users find new ways to work, and 77% of early adopters said they didn’t want to go back after using it.

Copilot has a lot of uses, and different users leverage it in different ways. Here are just a few of our favorite use cases:

Contract Review

Copilot can’t replace a lawyer, and it’s not meant to. But it can help business leaders understand their contracts better. Copilot can help you review and draft legal documents, speeding up the process, and reducing human error. Of course, a lawyer should always review your business contracts, but Copilot can make the process run smoother by allowing you to take a first pass.

Talent Acquisition and Screenings

When it comes to human resources and hiring, Copilot can help organizations screen candidates. By providing Copilot with the job description and the résumés of your applicants, it can help you find the most qualified candidates for the position, making it easier than ever to find the right employee.

Jumpstart the Creative Process

Writing can be a challenge, especially when writers’ block comes into play, but sometimes all you need is a little push to get the ball rolling. With Copilot’s integration in Word and PowerPoint, you can jumpstart your creative process by using a simple plain worded prompt to start moving in the right direction.

Get the most out of Microsoft Teams Meetings

Have you ever had trouble following a meeting or collecting notes? Copilot makes it easier than ever, allowing you to capture important conversation points, keep track of who said what, and generate notes and tasks during a meeting. During the meeting, you can even prompt Copilot with questions like “What questions can I ask to move the meeting forward?” Other prompts can include:

  • Recap the meeting so far.
  • List action Items.
  • What questions are unresolved?
  • Generate meeting notes.

Write Better Emails

Copilot is directly integrated into Outlook the same way as other Microsoft applications, and you can leverage it to ensure your emails are the best that they can be. You can task Copilot to write an email for you, review your tone, create an effective subject line, or review your email for any information that might be missing. Of course, it is always important to review work done by AI, but Copilot can effectively help you reduce the amount of time you spend writing emails so that you can focus on other tasks.

Creating Better Presentations

Creating a PowerPoint presentation can be time consuming and tedious, but Copilot makes it simpler than ever before, allowing you to generate presentations based on documents, emails, and meeting transcripts. Copilot’s generative AI is capable of understanding what needs to be highlighted in your presentation, and it can help you effectively and efficiently create a first draft, cutting down the time you spend making your presentation.

At FSi Strategies, our certified experts have been working with Copilot and its generative AI since it first debuted, and we’ve been helping clients leverage it, too. Utilizing Copilot can help your organization boost productivity and collaboration, but you need to make sure you’re ready for Copilot. Download a free copy of our Copilot Readiness Checklist, or contact us today to learn more about how you can be Copilot ready.

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