Helping clients leverage the power of technology for over 16 years.

FSi Strategies has been providing IT management and consulting services for the last 16 years. In 2017 we changed our name from FedSolutions to FSi Strategies to reflect our emphasis on the strategic value of technology and how it helps organizations implement a modern workplace.

Based in downtown Washington DC our objective is to enable organizations to achieve their mission by successfully leveraging technology. We see IT as a strategic means for our clients to achieve a competitive advantage.

Whether providing Managed IT Services to organizations or helping IT professionals with the strategic implementation of the Microsoft Cloud, we view our focus as creating smart and simple IT solutions that promote operational harmony.

A Different IT Company

We believe in the importance of the human experience and we view it as a key element for successful and efficient IT services.

We also think in terms of business value. Our company was founded by business professionals that understand the role of technology in a highly competitive organization. Our philosophy is that business goals and business requirements should always drive technology investments. We believe that technology, when properly implemented and managed, has the capacity to significantly help an organization achieve its mission.

Thought Leaders

Our passion extends beyond expert IT services. We strive to be thought leaders committed to innovation and progress. Our goal is to move our industry forward while educating the public in the process. That is why we are constantly thinking of ways to improve technology and simplify how it is used by organizations. We leverage our ThinkTech Blog to participate in the global dialogue and we use our webinars to educate the public. Throughout the process, we promote progress. We don’t just participate in the conversation, but we drive it.