Business Process Automation

Help processes stay consistent, eliminate repetitive task and connect platforms

Why Automate?

We help businesses streamline processes through automation. Automating business processes can be done for many reasons. Helping processes stay consistent, removing repetitive tasks, eliminating paper-based file management, and connecting applications across multiple platforms are just a few reasons that people automate business processes. This can reduce cost and overhead by optimizing workflows, improving employee efficiency and decreasing expenditures on costly errors.

Manage Files and Data

File and Data workflows can migrate and manage data once a task or action is completed. Allowing for advanced document approval workflows, metadata tagging, and maintaining security permissions, all while cutting out unnecessary email and potential issues.  

Automate Repetitive Task

Free up your and your users time by automating repetitive tasks. Alerting, reporting, and approval processes can be streamlined and cut down on time waste and employee frustration. In a report by McKinsey Global Institute “in about 60 percent of occupations, at least one-third of the constituent activities could be automated, implying substantial workplace transformations and changes for all workers.” 

Connect to Apps and Services

Organizations typically have applications on many different platforms and services. To help with this Microsoft 365 provides a robust set of pre-build API connections from hundreds of third-party companies. If the application connection is not currently in the template store, custom connectors can be built for almost any open API.

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