FSi Modern Work Accelerator

A Microsoft 365 journey for success


The way we work has changed. Have you?

The ability to work flexibly from anywhere, anytime has unleashed immense potential, prompted the reinvention of traditional work norms, and opened more avenues for fostering productivity and collaboration. In the new interconnected and decentralized workspace, integrated solutions that offer simplicity, streamline workflows, and minimize hurdles to promote productivity while upholding security are the new normal. The FSi Modern Work Accelerator makes all of that possible, leveraging Microsoft 365 to ensure your organization has the tools it needs to succeed.

Work better with FSi & Microsoft

At FSi Strategies, our process is designed to empower your employees in the Modern Workplace. Our user-centric services are focused on helping you strategically leverage the power of Modern Work technologies. With our Modern Work Accelerator, your organization can increase cross-functional and cross-graphical collaboration and communication utilizing Microsoft, Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive. By implementing Teams Rooms and Teams Voice, we can help you bridge the gap between in-office and remote employees and utilize Microsoft Viva to stay connected and engaged. With a Microsoft Solutions Partner Designation for Modern Work and a highly trained team of Microsoft Certified Trainers and specialized experts, we know how to help you thrive.


Years of Experience

We’ve been supporting and managing IT since 2003.


Certification Policy

Our team boasts 100% Microsoft Certification.


Cloud Company

We practice what we preach. We are the modern workplace.


Microsoft Solutions Partner Designations

We hold Designations for Modern Work & Security.

Enabling a Remote Workforce

Case Study: Union Station Redevelopment Corporation

FSi Strategies established a trusting partnership with USRC, working together on a technology improvement plan (TIP) that provided a strategic roadmap to the modern workplace. FSi Strategies executed on the TIP, completing key projects over the past 5 years that served as the foundation for a more mobile and secure workforce. As the world faced a global health crisis USRC was ready to move immediately to remote work in 2020.

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