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FSi Protect: Modern Security for Modern Work.

In today’s landscape of modern work, where remote and hybrid models take business data out of the conventional office space, traditional cybersecurity solutions have been rendered ineffective. As phishing and data breaches are increasing in frequency and cyber insurance is becoming more expensive, it’s important to take a modern approach to cybersecurity. In this prerecorded webinar, FSi Senior Security Consultant, Brian Dagan, highlights the importance of modern security for modern work and the role that Microsoft technologies play in protecting your organization. Dive into the troubling world of cyberthreats to learn about the cost of data breaches, the frequency of ransomware, and the technology FSi uses to keep you safe.

Content features:

»  The landscape of cybersecurity
»  FSi’s holistic approach to modern security
»  How FSi Protect can keep you safe

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