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Build a more competitive construction business with strategic IT

The construction industry is poised for growth. We’re seeing a resurgence in new-home building, on top of anticipated government investments in infrastructure. This means huge opportunity for construction firms that are ready to seize it.

Technology can give you the edge. But if you’re like many in the sector, you may not have made the investments in modern workplace IT that can vault you ahead of your competitors.

Studies show that construction is one of the least digitized industries in the country. In one survey, more than 70 percent of respondents in the construction sector agreed that technology was crucial for their business; however, fewer than 50 percent had a strategy in place to adopt technological innovations.

If this is your situation, you’ve come to the right place. FSi Strategies is an experienced Managed Services Provider with proven expertise in the construction sector. We understand your needs and can help you plan and execute your IT strategy so you can stay focused on building your business.

Transform your construction business into a cloud-based modern workplace

Construction is a sector that still tends to rely heavily on paper, for everything from blueprints and designs to equipment-ordering to progress reports. If this is the case in your operation, you know that a paper-based system can make it challenging to share information across building sites and other locations. It means not everyone on a project has access to up-to-the-minute changes and other updates. This can cause disputes between contractors and sub-contractors, or even customers, because they don’t all have the same view of a project’s progress or other details. A paper-based system also makes data capture and analysis a challenge.

A digital environment, on the other hand, saves time, reduces mix-ups, saves money and avoids costly mistakes. By moving key processes to the cloud and investing in a strategic IT system, you’re empowering your teams to collaborate far more easily, no matter where they’re located. Workers can find information they need with just a few clicks, whether that’s a historical analysis of procurement decisions, design changes, equipment logs or anything else they need to get the job done. And they can do this from a building site, company headquarters, or anywhere in between.

Another benefit to investing in a modern workplace is that it attracts a digital-savvy workforce. In a competitive job market, your business can stand out if you can offer people access to an environment that takes advantage of modern IT. Workers today expect to be able to communicate and work together from anywhere. Solutions that support mobility and collaboration are crucial in the construction sector, and a key part of ensuring you can attract and retain the best employees.

Hiring a Managed Services Provider gives you an edge

Investing in technology can change your business and put you ahead of your competition. But it can also be daunting.

That’s where we come in. We have years of experience guiding companies like yours on their digital transformation journey, and we are also a Microsoft Gold Partner across seven areas: Cloud Platform, Cloud Productivity, Communications, Collaboration & Content, Project & Portfolio Management, and Small & Midmarket Cloud Solutions.

These are times of rapid change – and opportunity. To stay ahead of the competition, you need a team dedicated to your IT strategy while you keep your eye on your building projects, your clients and your business.

We’re proud to say that over the last 18 years, 99 percent of our clients have renewed their contracts with us after the first year. We’d love to talk with you about how you can outsource your IT to us so we can become an extension of your team, too.

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FSi Strategies specializes in design, implementation and support for modern workplace. Our experience includes digital transformation to enable collaboration and mobility.

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