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Data breaches are all too common in the financial sector: one in four malware attacks are aimed at financial institutions. Today’s modern workplace is a hybrid of in-office and remote work, and employees expect to be able to work from anywhere. But for financial and professional services companies entrusted with customers’ private data, this means you need to be laser-focused on ensuring your IT systems are highly secure.

After all, winning and keeping business in the financial and professional services sector comes down to trust. Your customers have to be able to trust you to protect their data, bring them innovative ideas and solutions, and manage their assets.

In your competitive and rapidly changing industry, it’s crucial that your IT strategies deliver security, empower your teams, and enable business continuity so you can truly be a trusted advisor.

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Your customers need to have the confidence that their data is in safe hands – which means you need a robust and secure information technology strategy that complies with standards and regulations in your sector. Otherwise, you could find yourself facing a cyberattack that disrupts operations and erodes customer trust, potentially delivering a catastrophic blow to your business.

And, while security and compliance must be embedded in every IT decision you make, you also need technology that can empower your teams to collaborate and be innovative and productive in the modern hybrid workplace. Solutions such as Microsoft Teams can allow for this, enabling communications and collaboration with built-in compliance and privacy.

Secure IT strategies that support workforce mobility and collaboration give you a strong platform on which to maintain business continuity and deliver results for your customers – and build their trust in you so you can continue to grow and thrive over the long term.

FSi Strategies has proven expertise in IT strategies for financial and professional services companies.

At FSi Strategies, we have helped hundreds of companies like yours in taking a strategic approach to technology that both empowers users and maintains security.

Consider the case of American Financial Services Association (AFSA), a trade association providing the consumer credit industry with a voice in Washington, D.C., as well as policy advice and issues management at both the federal and state level. AFSA brought us in to help after it experienced a security breach that affected its ability to recover data and effectively serve its members. We quickly developed a technology improvement plan for AFSA, and supported the organization in migrating to Microsoft Office 365 to improve reliability, security and control, transitioning files to Sharepoint and OneDrive to improve workflows and enable teams with cloud-accessible file sharing, and migrating to Microsoft Azure AD services to streamline processing, increase productivity and improve security.

After upgrading AFSA to Microsoft’s cloud platform, we also transitioned the organization to our ongoing managed IT services. With our help, AFSA has been able to provide reliable IT support, increase staff mobility, improve team collaboration, provide a secure work environment, deliver better business insights and increase staff productivity.

Read more in our case study.

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FSi Strategies specializes in design, implementation and support for modern workplace, and we have extensive experience in leveraging the cloud for our customers’ security and privacy requirements.

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