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Meeting the unique IT security and compliance needs of government contractors

If you’re a government contractor or subcontractor, you likely know by now that you must comply with the Department of Defense (DoD)’s new Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) in order to be considered for contracts. But getting there can be complicated and time-consuming, and it requires specialized expertise to avoid unnecessary delays or mistakes that can cost you business.

CMMC is intended to assess the cybersecurity capabilities of defense contractors in the federal government’s Defense Industrial Base (DIB). The goal is to ensure that appropriate levels of security controls are in place to protect controlled unclassified information. To bid on DoD contracts, you’ll need to adhere to CMMC specifications within a five-level framework.

Each level includes certain required processes and practices, and they become progressively more rigorous based on the sensitivity of the information you are engaged with in the DoD supply chain.

CMMC requirements are in place for some contracts now; by 2026 they will cover all DoD contracts. So, that means you’ll want to get started on implementation today.

Investing in the cloud empowers collaboration and innovation as well as advanced security.

Like all businesses, government contractors are facing the reality of the modern hybrid workplace. IT strategies that enable collaboration and innovation are the key to success in today’s environment, whether teams are based in the office or are working remotely – or both. CMMC compliance adds an extra complexity: for government contractors, investments in IT must not only support the modern workplace environment, they must also incorporate stringent security requirements.

Cloud computing is the answer. Moving to the cloud can make CMMC implementation easier and less costly, enabling security with minimal disruption to your business – while also meeting the needs of your team in the modern workplace.

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How FSi Strategies can help.

Whether you are still wondering, “What is CMMC?” or if you’re already on the road to implementation, support from FSi Strategies can make all the difference.

We have made it our business to understand CMMC requirements inside and out, and we work with government contractor clients like you every day to help them prepare for and pass their CMMC audits.

Our services include initial assessment, CMMC gap analysis, remediation, and ongoing managed support to maintain compliance. We also provide resources and information to help you understand CMMC requirements as you work toward compliance.

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In addition, we offer workplace modernization services that include planning, management, training and security, to help you meet the needs of today’s hybrid environment.

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