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Strategic IT for nonprofits and associations

If you’re like most nonprofits, resources are tighter than ever and yet the need for the work you do has never been greater. So how can you increase your impact and continue to grow to serve those who rely on you?

Strategic use of information technology, supported by a partner who understands your sector, can transform your ability to deliver on your mission.

Your funders, employees, board of directors, and beneficiaries all expect a certain level of service and transparency. To win their trust in a competitive environment, you have to be productive and innovative while also focused on security and compliance. You also have to be there for them when they need you. Downtime and disruptions cut into your ability to compete for donations, volunteers and talent – and, most crucially, to serve those who are counting on you.

Strategic IT is essential for nonprofits and associations.

Organizations like yours are changing the world. The right IT strategy lets you focus on that important work. And transforming your IT for today’s modern workplace culture enables your teams to communicate, connect and collaborate from anywhere so you can work toward your mission regardless of the challenges you might face.

Many found this out the hard way when the global pandemic hit. A study by NTEN says 15 percent of nonprofits surveyed reported that their organization was not prepared for an emergency that caused employees to have to work from home. Nearly 70 percent had to invest in technology to continue operating.

We can help you transition to the modern workplace.

Odds are your in-house IT team is already stretched thin. By engaging a strategic partner like FSi Strategies, you can focus on what you do best and leave the IT planning, implementation and support to us.

We can guide you to find the right flexible, robust technology service platform that will free you from expensive infrastructure. We’re experts in cloud computing for nonprofits, and can show you how moving to the cloud can reduce capital expenditures on hardware and let you redeploy staff to focus on innovating rather than troubleshooting.

FSi Strategies has helped hundreds of nonprofits and associations with modern workplace strategies.

Designing, implementing and supporting modern workplace technology is what FSi Strategies specializes in. We’ve helped hundreds of nonprofits like yours.

One great example is Union Station Redevelopment Corporation. Based in Washington, D.C., USRC is charged with preserving and restoring Union Station’s historic and architectural significance, maintaining the station’s long-term function as a multimodal transportation center, and enhancing the retail and other amenities within the station. USRC oversees Union Station as it evolves into a world-class facility, meeting the needs of more than 100,000 visitors a day.

USRC brought us in for user support and to help build a roadmap for its transition to a modern workplace. Having that strategic plan in place ensured USRC was set up to move quickly to remote work in the face of the global health crisis, keeping data secure and making business continuity a reality. Because of its partnership with us and execution of a well-thought-out strategic plan, USRC did not miss a beat when COVID-19 unexpectedly forced the organization into a remote workforce model on extremely short notice.

Read more in our case study: Enabling a Remote Workforce

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