The Next Normal of Modern Work is here

The way we work is rapidly evolving. Increased mobility, enhanced collaboration, and new security threats are driving the need to adopt modern hybrid workplaces. We understand that Managed IT services for the hybrid workplace extend beyond managing on premise infrastructures and supporting users. More than ever, it’s also about understanding how work is changing, providing strategic guidance, deploying the full capabilities of the Microsoft Cloud, and empowering employees to work better. That’s our mission.

The Modernization Journey – Our Roadmap to Managed IT Services

Your organization is unique and so are your technology needs.  We created a full stack offering for our managed services so that we can start with your immediate needs and ultimately modernize your IT environment over a timeframe that makes sense to you and in a budget-friendly manner. With our array of Managed IT Services, your modernization journey focuses on three critical areas: 1) modern user support and device management; 2) advanced productivity and teamwork enablement; and 3) advanced cloud security. Regardless of where your journey starts, we’ve got the right service for you. Learn more about our approach to managed IT services.

Our Managed IT Services: Engage, Accelerate, & Protect

Empowering your employees and modernizing your environment has never been easier with Microsoft and FSi Strategies. Our Engage, Accelerate & Protect managed services have been developed to support your immediate needs while strategically positioning you to deploy the full power of the Microsoft Cloud.  Whether you’re currently using a single Microsoft product or looking to expand the full power of the Microsoft Cloud, we work with you as your trusted adviser throughout the journey to understand your business priorities and goals, and help you map out a path to an effective, efficient modern workplace.

A Different Managed Services Provider

FSi Strategies is a customer-centric, Managed IT Service provider and recognized Microsoft Gold -Certified Partner. We have been helping our clients achieve their mission and attain a competitive advantage by successfully leveraging the strategic value of technology for over 19 years. We engage with your team to modernize and support your environment through Strategic Cloud Consulting, Planning & Design, Implementation, Training & Adoption, Change Management, IT Support solutions and Cloud Licensing. As Microsoft Cloud experts, we provide strategic enterprise class Modern Workplace IT solutions that engage your employees, accelerate productivity and collaboration while optimizing your environment securely so your team can focus on attaining core business objectives.

Modern IT Support Services

As Microsoft Cloud experts FSi Strategies empowers our clients by delivering best-in-class expertise, support, and management. Strategically align your company for success through our comprehensive suite of modern IT Support Services and enable your team to increase productivity and collaboration securely, so your team can focus on strategic corporate business initiatives. Our Engage, Accelerate & Protect services provide a complete proactive solution, ensuring that you get the most out of your technical investments consistently.

Managed IT Services
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Engage your employees, accelerate productivity and collaboration while protecting your environment securely.

Managed IT Services
Explore our Services

Engage your employees, accelerate productivity and collaboration while protecting your environment securely.

Engage your employees

Our base service plan that includes everything from traditional managed service offerings. This plan provides fixed-fee unlimited Service Desk support, vendor management, network and workstation security, Microsoft 365 account management, server management and backup, advanced network monitoring and management, strategic planning, and much more.

Accelerate your productivity

an add-on plan for advanced cloud productivity and collaboration. Accelerate includes unlimited SharePoint and Teams support and management (including Teams Voice and Teams Room support), User Training by Microsoft Certified Trainers, and data backup for your OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams data.

Protect your environment

Another add-on plan to manage advanced Microsoft Cloud security and compliance services such Azure AD, Sentinel, Defender for Cloud Apps, Defender for Business, Intune, Auto-Pilot and Data Loss Prevention policies. The plan includes 24×7 Security Monitoring, Incident Remediation, Security Training, and Phishing Simulations to ensure that your organization stays protected from advanced cyber threats.

Technology, Transformation, & The Modern Workplace

Business is changing at an unprecedented rate. This era of rapid transformation requires new ways of thinking and working, coupled with strategic investments in technology. In our latest eBook, learn more about what an MSP can bring to the table and expand your strategic IT vision that supports your corporate strategy, along with guidance to build a modern workplace that empowers your employees to work better.