Know You’re Covered

As a provider of Managed IT services and innovative IT solutions to the DC, MD and Northern Virginia region, our cloud-based monitoring tools are constantly running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our FSi-ObServer can be placed in the cloud or physically on your network to monitor any network attached device and send alerting back to our NOC and Service Desk. We use best in class tools to make sure that your environment stays safe and secure.

Security Scanning Made Simple

FSi-ObServer not only monitors network devices but scans your network for vulnerabilities. Get a comprehensive scan of workstations, servers, firewalls, and switches to know where any security issues may lay. If you are migrating to Office 365 or Microsoft 365, have FSi enable all of the modern security and reporting that Microsoft offers.

Know Your Environment

Keeping up all of your IT infrastructure can be difficult. Let us do that for you. FSi tracks workstations, servers, and network equipment so you don’t have to. Our tools allow us to report on age of equipment, warranty status, and provide insight into your environment to make technology upgrade recommendations.

Modern Cloud Security

Our team of engineers have been trained and follow Microsoft best practice when securing your Modern Workplace. With cybersecurity of paramount importance, Advanced Threat Protection, Data Loss Prevention, encryption, and sensitivity labels are just a few things the Managed IT support services we can implement to make sure that you are taking advantage of cloud security.

Empower Your Users

Social engineering, phishing and malicious emails target users every day. The best way to secure your environment is to train users on these threats and how to avoid them. Our Adoption and Change Management platform provides on-demand training to users, so that they can better recognize threats. More custom solutions are available where on-site training can be provided, recorded, and uploaded to the platform for new users to see.

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FSi has established itself as a pioneer of the modern workplace. We empower our clients by delivering enterprise class solutions that offer mobility, collaboration, security, insights, & productivity that today’s workers demand to perform their jobs from anywhere at anytime. Talk to us about a free cloud strategy consultation today!