Optimize & Protect your Environment
Optimize & Protect

Maintain your work from anywhere without compromising security by protecting your front door, content, and devices.

Optimize & Protect your Environment
Optimize & Protect

Maintain your work from anywhere without compromising security by protecting your front door, content, and devices.

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The ongoing evolution and complexity of the Modern Workplace requires the right partner that can strategically optimize and support your employee productivity, collaboration and innovation while protecting your environment. FSi’s Optimize & Protect IT Support Plan, provides the most comprehensive and modern approach to Managed Services, enabling you to empower your organization through a secure modern, all-in-one communication solution while fortifying your organizations security against external threats, data leaks and control who has access to critical business information.


Modern Security Planning & Design + Security Management

Modern Security Planning & Design
Our multi-faceted approach to Security Planning & Design simplifies the many complexities and provides a strategic approach to Identity, Device and Content Security.

Identity Security
Ensure that your users are protected and prevent accidental leaks.

Device Security
Enable mobility while keeping your devices secure, from one centralized portal.

Content Security
Protect your information at the source, ensuring that documents are protected no matter where they live.

Modern Security Management
A proactive security posture is critical and requires the right partner that can proactively fortify your organizations security against internal and external threats.

Security Monitoring
Alerts are actively analyzed, investigated and resolved by the FSi Team.

Incident Response
Proactive monitoring and alerting centralized into one accessible place.

Phishing Simulation
Facilitate advanced Phishing testing, actionable reporting and company-wide awareness training.

Modern Communication

As the work anywhere culture continues to evolve, intelligent Cloud Communications has taken center stage. Implementing a single platform for chat, calling, and video is more critical than ever for the distributed workforce. Drive workplace collaboration by enabling users to take calls from anywhere, on any device, streamlining meetings, chat, and collaboration into a single managed, unified digital hub.


average return on investment over a 3-year period


average number of months it takes to recoup cost after “go live”


increase in satisfaction after deployment

FSi Strategies manages your entire collaboration platform, keeping your environment up to date.

System Architecture
Our Microsoft Teams Certified engineers create your unique migration path to the cloud, making the transition as seamless as possible.

FSi’s Microsoft Certified Trainers make your transition to the cloud easier with personalized and interactive online learning.

Ensure that your environment is secured using best-practice techniques.

Optimize & Protect includes all features within Engage and Accelerate

Engage, Accelerate, Optimize & Protect

Empower your employees securely, through the Modern Workplace. Connect with us today to engage your employees, accelerate productivity and collaboration while optimizing your environment securely.


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