Our Approach
Our Approach

Providing innovative IT solutions, strategic guidance, & empowering employees to work better.

Managed Services for Organizations that use the Microsoft Cloud

We’ve combined the best of both worlds: 19 years of experience in providing IT support services with the modern power of the Microsoft Cloud. Our Managed IT Services were designed for organizations that use a single Microsoft product or their entire Cloud stack.  Whether you use Office 365, SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, PowerApps, M365, Azure, or Dynamics your organization depends on Microsoft tools to work, communicate, and collaborate. This is why you need the best professionals to support and manage your Microsoft centric environments. It’s also why you deserve accomplished certified experts to deploy the right Microsoft Cloud capabilities that make sense to you and your budget.

Meet our Services: Engage, Accelerate, and Optimize & Protect

Empowering your employees and modernizing your environment has never been easier with FSi Strategies and the Microsoft Cloud. We developed three managed services that work in harmony to provide your users with the best support and most modern cloud-based technology experience. Our Engage, Accelerate and Optimize & Protect managed services focus on three critical areas:


modern user support & device management


modern productivity & teamwork enablement


advanced cloud protection, devices, & user identities

Combining Engage, Accelerate, and Optimize & Protect provides the most modern technology experience; a true enterprise-grade solution with advanced teamwork and cloud security.

A Flexible Approach to Support & Modernize your Organization

Your organization is unique and so are your technology needs. This is why we developed a flexible approach that layers our services according to your unique objectives and timelines. With Engage, Accelerate, and Optimize & Protect we can start with your immediate needs while developing a modernization roadmap that leverages the Microsoft Cloud for advanced productivity and security. Flexibility means starting with Engage and modernizing with Accelerate and Optimize & Protect when the time is right for you. Whether you’re currently using a single Microsoft product or looking to expand the full power of the Microsoft Cloud, we work with you as your trusted adviser throughout the journey to understand your business priorities and goals, and help you map out a path to an effective, efficient modern workplace.

Where do I start my journey with your services?

“We don’t use Microsoft Office 365”
If you don’t use Office 365, we recommend starting with our Engage service. This will ensure that you receive comprehensive support for your employees and device management for your IT network. And because strategic planning is included, starting with Engage is a great way to assess if the Microsoft Cloud is a good fit for you. Tell me more about Engage.

“We have Microsoft Office 365 but we don’t use SharePoint or Teams”
If your organization uses Office 365 without using SharePoint or Teams, we recommend starting with our Engage service. This will provide you with unlimited user support, modern device management, essential security, strategic planning, server management, 24×7 network monitoring, and much more. We’ll leverage the included strategic planning to assess your unique requirements and identify if advanced cloud productivity (Accelerate) and advanced cloud security (Optimize & Protect) are right for you. Learn more about Engage.

“We already use SharePoint or Teams”
If you’re already using SharePoint or Teams, we recommend adding Accelerate to our Engage service. With Accelerate, you’ll have the added benefit of advanced SharePoint and Teams support and management as well as comprehensive employee training to boost productivity, teamwork, and collaboration. And with our included Modern Teamwork Accelerator, our engineers will audit your current SharePoint and Teams configurations to ensure that all best practices are implemented. Tell me more about Accelerate.

“We already use SharePoint or Teams and we have advanced security requirements”
This sounds like the perfect match for combining Optimize & Protect, with Accelerate and Engage. With Optimize & Protect, we can leverage the full power of the Microsoft Cloud for best-in-class identity protection, device security, and data protection. We also provide 24×7 security monitoring, incident remediation, and phishing simulations. Learn more about Optimize & Protect.

At a Glance…

The FSi StackEngageAccelerateOptimize & Protect
Unlimited User Support
Onsite Escalation Support
Office 365 Support & Management
Multifactor Authentication Support
Advanced Priority Support from Microsoft
Workstation Monitoring & Management
Essential Workstation Security (Antivirus, Ransomware Protection, Backup*)
Strategic Planning
Dedicated Client Success Manager
Vendor Management
Server Managementoptional
24x7 Network Monitoring & Managementoptional
Data Protection (cloud backup & disaster recovery)optional
Microsoft SharePoint Support & Management
Microsoft Teams Support & Management
Advanced SharePoint & Teams Priority Support from Microsoft
Modern Teamwork Accelerator
Microsoft Teams Voice Supportoptional
Microsoft Teams Rooms Supportoptional
In-Person & Online Trainings
Microsoft Teams & SharePoint Workshops
FSi Strategies Learning Hub
On-Demand Office 365 Productivity Training
Searchable Knowledge Base (with over 1,000 How-to Guides)
Adoption & Change Managementoptional
Custom Learning Pathsoptional
Identity Access & Management Security
Device Security & Compliance
Content Security & Data Loss Prevention
24x7 Security Monitoring
Security Incident Response & Remediation
Phishing Simulation

Need More?

We also provide Server Management, Advanced Site Monitoring & Management, Staff Augmentation, Microsoft Power Platform Development, and Modern Communications with Microsoft Teams Voice, Teams Devices, and Teams Rooms.

Technology, Transformation, & The Modern Workplace

Business is changing at an unprecedented rate. This era of rapid transformation requires new ways of thinking and working, coupled with strategic investments in technology. In our latest eBook, learn more about what an MSP can bring to the table and expand your strategic IT vision that supports your corporate strategy, along with guidance to build a modern workplace that empowers your employees to work better.

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