Are you ready for the new workforce?

Millennials have become the largest generational cohort in the labor force. By 2025 they will represent 75% of the working population. This is dramatically changing how we work. Mobility, collaboration and working securely across any device is the new norm. To meet this demand, technology is changing at an increasingly rapid pace. Is your organization ready for this or are you falling behind? We provide comprehensive Managed IT support and strategic services to the DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia region. Is your IT partner providing you strategic guidance for today’s workforce?

Start your Digital Transformation

To remain competitive, companies in all sectors including Financial, Legal, Healthcare, and Government, to Nonprofits & organizations need to embrace the new culture of work. They must embark on a digital transformation that leverages the right technology and purpose-built tools to unlock creativity, mobility, and collaboration to accelerate teamwork. Your digital transformation starts with demanding more from your IT partner. We look beyond user support and infrastructure management. To provide a strategic IT vision that supports your corporate strategy. You need strategic guidance to build a Modern Workplace that empower your employees to work better.  

Envision your Modern Workplace

Modern workplaces are flexible, employee-centric organizations that innovate with agility, using transparent information that employees can access anytime, anywhere. Such an environment helps organizations attract talent, increase productivity and employee satisfaction, decrease employee attrition, and enhance innovation agility while minimizing cost. Building a Modern Workplace is critical – this is why it’s a core component of our Managed IT Services in DC and beyond. In addition to supporting your users and managing your existing infrastructure, we provide ongoing strategic planning to assess and build modern cloud-based environment that promotes mobility, collaboration and security.

Technology Improvement Planning

With our DC-based Managed IT Services, you get your first Technology Improvement Plan within the first 90 days. The plan provides a strategic vision and recommendations to implement a Modern Workplace that makes sense to you. We assess what you have, how you work, and what’s important to you and we create a blueprint on how we can best leverage Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure to transform how you work and empower your employees.

Strategy – it’s in our name

The strategic value of technology has always been in our DNA. We see technology as an essential tool in achieving a mission. We’ve been helping companies and organizations in the Washington DC region and beyond to leverage IT in corporate strategies for over 17 years. You can say that strategy is so important for us that it’s in our name!

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FSi has established itself as a pioneer of the modern workplace. We empower our clients by delivering enterprise class solutions that offer mobility, collaboration, security, insights, & productivity that today’s workers demand to perform their jobs from anywhere at anytime. Talk to us about a free cloud strategy consultation today!