Why Azure?

Choosing the correct cloud provider can be difficult. While most organizations realize that they want to migrate to the cloud, most do not have a clear cloud strategy to move forward. Security issues, compliance, performance, governance and control are just a few examples of considerations every organization goes through when deciding.

Microsoft Azure allows organizations to be future ready, secure, and leverage current infrastructure to create the best public cloud offer available. They do this by offering 54 regions giving Azure more regions than any other public cloud provider. This is paired with over 90 compliance offers makes choosing the right cloud platform easy for most organizations. Microsoft Azure provides organizations with more offerings and abilities than any other public cloud. Even after choosing a cloud provider, organizations still need experienced resources to monitor and manage it. FSi prides itself on being a Microsoft Gold Partner, and knowing Microsoft Azure. Our engineers are Microsoft Certified Engineers and ready to help your organization move to the cloud.

Worried about Migrating?

Migrating to the cloud can be a daunting task and there are many considerations before doing it. However, migrating to the cloud has never been easier. We have the experience to plan, migrate, and monitor your infrastructure in Azure. If you are not ready to move it all to the cloud, Azure was built for hybrid cloud, meaning moving workloads from on-premise to the cloud results in a seamless migration with less downtime than any other public cloud. 

Making Desktops Secure

Sometimes, organizations require more security than a physical workstation can provide. When this level of security is required most industries typically turn on Virtual Desktops. Virtual Desktops provide a comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service, containing built in security and compliance features. Azure makes this process easier than ever before with more offerings for virtual desktops than any other provider. FSi deploy desktops in multiple formats, from traditional VDI to the latest HTML5 virtual desktop interface. FSi will work with your organization and its security requirements to build the best solution.

Cloud Security Comes First

Security is the number one consideration for organizations that are thinking of moving to the cloud. In a recent survey security, governance, and compliance were in the top 5 concerns of organizations moving or considering moving to the cloud. 77% of organization leaders surveyed list security a significant challenge. Organizations must ensure best practices are followed and configuration errors are remediated. Azure alleviates some of these issues by offering more compliance and security offerings than any other public cloud provider. Azure Security Center gives recommendations and alerts to common issues and attacks on your environment. However, without knowledge on how to configure these settings and services an organization can be left unprotected. As your Washington DC based Azure partner, FSi configures these settings and monitors your organization to ensure that you are secure and protected.

Be Prepared

Disasters can strike at any time, without warning and can have serious consequences for organizations without a disaster recovery plan. Knowing your organizations Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and its Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is key in estimating how your organization could do in an emergency. Cloud disaster recovery is one of the most appealing ways to achieve your Disaster Recovery needs. Failover, Failback, Recovery Time Objective, and Recovery Point Objective are some of the strongest reasons to move to a disaster recovery option with Azure and FSi Strategies. FSi will design, implement, and test a disaster recovery plan that meets the needs of your organization.

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