Advanced Security
Advanced Security

Streamline security and compliance

Advanced Security
Advanced Security

Streamline security and compliance

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The Right Tools – built in

Built-in compliance controls, configuration management tools, implementation and guidance resources, and third-party audit reports that speed your process, and save you money. Tools such as Azure Security and Compliance Blueprints, Azure Security Center and Azure Policy help you achieve your security and compliance needs faster than ever before. Allowing for streamlined compliance Azure provides more compliance than any other public cloud, all while making it easier than ever to detect, identify, remediate and secure your environment. 

Detect Early Threats

Quickly get an overview of your Azure or On-premise environment with Secure Score. Azure security center gives a best practice guideline based on industry as well as general best practice for the cloud. Know immediately if your environment requires fixes for and/or get alerts for missed patches. Analytics engines analyze the data and machine learning synthesizes it to create recommendations that apply to your environment, as well as know immediately if there has been an attack. 

Intelligent Security

Azure analyzes over 6.5 trillion threats daily, all while keeping an uncompromising commitment to privacy. Organizations in Azure own their data, Microsoft will never use it for marketing or advertising purposes. Allowing you and your organization to feel confident about where your data is stored and secured.  

More Compliance

Azure provides over 90 compliance offerings, including over 50 offerings specific to global regions and countries, Azure has more compliance offerings than any other cloud provider. This allows organizations to proactively safeguard their data and streamline compliance.  

Automate Server Security

Using Azure automation and log analytics Azure can keep machines up to date, not relying on a “patch day” or any other system. Allowing Microsoft to ensure that security patches for zero-day vulnerabilities are pushed out as soon as possible.  

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