Azure Virtual Desktop
Azure Virtual Desktop

Bring a secure workstation to all users in your organization, all while creating the best user experience possible

Multiple Users, One Machine

Azure provides the only multi-session Azure Virtual Desktop in the cloud that’s highly scalable, always up to date, and available on any device. This desktop virtualization allows for less virtual machines to be ran and managed, lowering operational cost, while delivering a familiar user interface.  

Access a Desktop from Anywhere

Already have windows sever remote desktop? Allow us to migrate that infrastructure into Azure to keep the same interface that users are used to. After migrating to Azure we can update the interface to the new HTML5 web client that allows utilization of Azure Virtual Desktop from any browser anywhere, without RDP.

Need Time to Migrate Window 7?

Organizations that still have a need for Windows 7, can keep it for a bit longer. You can extend support for Windows 7 by migrating to Azure. Allowing applications that have not been designed or updated for Windows 10 still be run, while maintaining security updates. Have FSi migrate your Windows 7 workstations into Azure to keep using them with support until 2021.

Increase Security, Productivity, and User Experience

Azure Virtual Desktop provides more security by isolating the virtual desktop from the physical desktop. This can provide protection against, unsecured Wi-Fi, use on shared or public computers, providing a desktop to a BYOD environment, and more. Typically, the biggest complaint with these environments is that the user experience is lacking. Only Microsoft can deliver the best Windows 10 desktop and Office productivity experience, all while optimizing the users cloud experience because they control, the OS, the Application and the cloud it runs on.

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