Server Migration
Server Migration

Migrate your apps, data, and infrastructure at your own pace, with confidence.

Server Migration
Server Migration

Migrate your apps, data, and infrastructure at your own pace, with confidence.

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Why Move to the Cloud?

Many organizations are now required to meet regulatory and compliance standards, most of these standards requiring complex business continuity with redundant locations. In the past this would be achieved by building data centers. However, establishing and running a data center is expensive. Migrating to a cloud platform satisfies most of these requirements, without making a large investment of capital. When an organization needs to have a more flexible infrastructure to meet the demands of a growing business, they are turning to the cloud. When you shift to cloud computing, you will only pay for the services used, allowing organizations to choose a package that suits their budget. These are just a few reasons, migrating to the cloud has never been easier or more compelling. New services are developing every day and allow rapid scalability to fill the needs of your organization. Businesses are moving to the cloud faster than ever before, and FSi, as your strategic Microsoft Azure partner in the DC Metro region, can help you get there.

A Partner You Can Trust

We focus on the Microsoft Cloud to build custom solutions for your organization and it shows. Our focus on the Azure platform has allowed us to achieve Microsoft Gold Partner status.  With Microsoft Azure we can move your workloads into the cloud using Platform as a service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), bringing enterprise-grade technology to organizations of all sizes.  

Move Current Workloads

To move to the cloud, organizations need to discover, assess, and migrate all their on-premises applications, infrastructure, and data. We can migrate on-premises VMware or Hyper-V, AWS, or Google Cloud VMs and physical servers to Azure. All while incurring near-zero downtime when migrating from current infrastructure to Azure. 

Cost Savings

Moving to the cloud allows your organization to scale up and down as needed. There is no more need for expensive capital expenditures on new servers, data storage, or other equipment. Allowing a growing organization to quickly add or remove IT infrastructure as needed. 

Achieve More

Cloud computing represents a shift from the traditional way of thinking about IT resources. Organizations can gain competitive advantage from cloud computing, such as higher efficiency, greater flexibility, and better performance for applications and services. However, migrating to the cloud requires careful planning and strategy to achieve these goals.  

Get More Out of Support

Microsoft has extended support when organizations move to the cloud. Server 2008, 2008R2 and Windows 7 have all been given extended life if organizations are willing to move them to Azure. This can help, by giving organizations an additional 3 years to plan on what they want to do with legacy applications and services that require older operating systems. In addition to Microsoft’s extended support, our Service Desk, which is much more than a help desk, provides personal, responsive, and innovative solutions to your needs.

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FSi has established itself as a pioneer of the modern workplace. We empower our clients by delivering enterprise class solutions that offer mobility, collaboration, security, insights, & productivity that today’s workers demand to perform their jobs from anywhere at anytime. Talk to us about a free cloud strategy consultation today!

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