What is the Modern Workplace?

The workplace as we know it is rapidly evolving, and it is more than open concept offices and free lunches. There is a new generation of users who are always connected from multiple devices and they work in a different way. Increased mobility and enhanced collaboration are becoming requirements for every organization, while new security threats are appearing every day. This changing landscape is driving a digital transformation for organizations and requiring a new way of doing business. It is our goal to help organizations have a modern strategic approach to technology, empowering users, all while maintaining security. We achieve this by encouraging teamwork, implementing unified endpoint management, managing training and adoption, and implementing cloud security. FSi is your strategic partner to modernize your workplace in the Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia region.

Encourage Teamwork and Drive Innovation 

Every organization and team is different. However, they all desire easier collaboration, streamlined communication, all while working anywhere. Microsoft 365 connects your teams in multiple ways to help them work more efficiently. Microsoft combines Chat, Collaboration, Voice, and Online Meetings into a single place allowing users to access data and work from anywhere.

Easily Manage Any Device

Modern organizations require flexibility in their work environment, most organizations have a variety of devices. Management, control, configuration, and monitoring of different systems, such as macOS, Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux is becoming normal. Organization with traditional systems endpoint management system can suffer from decreased visibility, security, and productivity. It can cause challenges when trying to implement and manage things like modern authentication, workstation deployment, and application configuration. Some organizations have tried to turn to other technology such as Virtual Desktops. However, the user experience is often convoluted and frustrating. Unified Endpoint management with features like Modern Authentication and Enterprise Enrollment can solve these problems and give users a better experience, all while staying flexible.

Manage IT Changes and User Adoption 

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, so are the applications and way users work. To manage this organizations in the DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia region, need to have a quick easy way to roll out new technologies as well as train employees on how to use them. We have a robust solution on how to implement changes, manage expectations, and train employees all while keeping cost at a minimum.

Make Sure It’s Secure

A concern for most organizations moving to any new system is security. In the past I.T. security would require massive capital investments that only the large companies could afford. Microsoft 365 gives organizations the industry’s leading security features, included in its licensing. Increased security is just one part of making sure that your environment is secure, with that security you also need viability. Microsoft 365 Compliance center, which provides visibility into all aspects of your environment. Compliance center gives recommendations and actions to help meet complex compliance obligations.

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