Security & Compliance
Security & Compliance

Better protect data by strengthening authentication, controlling access, automating threat protection

Security & Compliance
Security & Compliance

Better protect data by strengthening authentication, controlling access, automating threat protection

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Security, No Matter the Size

For years, organizations have had to meet compliance standards that required heavy capital investments into software and infrastructure. Generally, these systems were overly complex and required a Team of individuals to operate and maintain. In the Modern Workplace these systems and reports can be at your fingertips in moments, not days or weeks. The Modern Workplace allows organizations, no matter the size, to have best in class security with little to no cost or overhead.

Monitor Compliance

Microsoft 365 gives administrators and compliance users actionable insights and leverages intelligent automation to reduce your compliance risks and safeguard their organization. Easy access to sensitivity and retention labels and policies, data loss prevention (DLP), data governance, eDiscovery, data subject requests (DSRs), and case management are all available in a central portal to manage compliance across all Microsoft 365 applications.  

Get your Secure Score

Secure score gives you an overview of your entire Microsoft ecosystem, including Office 365, Azure Active Directory, Intune, and Cloud App Security. This score allows you to see how different parts of the ecosystem are scored, see what could be added to increase the score, and shows historical trends with benchmark comparisons, and prioritizes improvement actions. 

Protect your Information

In a world where data leaks, sensitive information loss and hacks, information protection is more necessary than ever, and Microsoft 365 provides the tools to help. Sensitivity labels, Data Loss Prevention policies and scans, Office Message Encryption and more can all be added into your environment to create a robust file classification and retention system. Protecting your data from the moment it enters the cloud should be a top priority and we are here to help. 

Keep your Users Safe

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) safeguards your organization against malicious cybersecurity threats posed by email messages, links (URLs) and collaboration tools. Using tools such as Safe Links, Safe Attachments, and Anti-phishing protection your organizations email, and files will be protected. Applying machine learning models, advanced impersonation-detection algorithms, and virus/malware scanning ATP can greatly reduce the risk for your organization.  

User Training

To keep users safe, they must know what they are up against. Our Adoption and Change Management platform allows for assigned training or on-demand training sessions to demonstrate what to be aware of. Users can be tested using Attack Simulator, these results can be used to assign additional training. Custom training sessions can be developed, built, and deployed, then required for your organization’s security requirements.

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