A New Way to Work

In the classic office setting, users would be bound by location, time, and team availability. The new on-demand world requires a workplace that matches this new way of working. In the modern workplace people across the world are collaborating on projects. In the past this presented a large challenge, as users would have applications for every task, in an attempt to have streamlined collaboration. Instant messaging, soft-phones, collaboration, business-apps, reporting, conferencing calling, and more just to get their work done. Microsoft Teams empowers users by combining productivity tools, meetings, chat, and voice all-in-one easy to use application.

Collaborate from Anywhere

In the modern workplace collaboration is key, users want to be able to quickly share, collaborate and see changes. Mobile (iOS or Android), Web, Teams or Office Application, users can all work on a document in real time from the platform of their choice. Microsoft Teams provides a central place for documents to live, be shared and talked about. Version control ensures that no information is lost, and changes can be compared from earlier versions of the document. As a provider of Managed IT services and IT support services, FSi can help empower your Washington DC, Maryland or Virginia based team to collaborate from around the globe.

Quickly Chat

Classic chat apps are a way of the past, with Microsoft Teams users can chat within documents, teams or in channels to communicate with their coworkers. Documents shared in teams chat automatically allow for collaboration and keep version control. Fun things like emojis, memes, and gifs have been added into the experience to allow a user’s voice to be heard. Security features have also been layered into this app to make it available to organizations no matter their compliance requirements. 

Voice Made Easy

Employees working from anywhere at any time can make managing things that used to be simple; a complex task. Enterprise voice systems typically require dedicated connectivity, complex server farms, and a large capital investment every few years. Microsoft Teams voice allows the flexibility of using your computer, mobile device or a desk phone to make calls. Setup is easy for users, allowing for easy transfers, delegation and settings changes to be done from any platform. True unified communication is finally here.  

Easily Meet

Teams Meetings and Meeting rooms allows for a flexible solution to the modern workplace. Users can create and start a meeting with up to 250 participants from any device. In the office huddle rooms, medium and large conference rooms can be setup with Teams Room Systems to provide a robust complete telepresence experience. All while maintaining the familiar easy to use Teams interface.  

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