Empower Employees

Give employees the ability to experience new technology, with interactive training that is relevant to their current and future needs and organizational role. Search allows users to find answers to common questions about your organization. This fosters ongoing employee engagement and alleviate new employee burdens by connecting users to each other and providing intuitive self-service support. Being a new employee has never been easier.

Share Knowledge

In the modern office, new custom applications, workflows, and security protocols are becoming normal. This can leave a gap in training, and lead users to turn to tribal knowledge when using an application. We work with you to design training specific to your organization. Custom content can range from line of business applications to policies and procedures. Allowing for quicker on-boarding for new employees, completion of required organization training, and the ability to measure understanding of policies and procedures.

A Path to Success

Applications are changing. In the past, Applications would receive updates every few years. Today some applications receive updates on a weekly basis, changing the user interface and creating slowdowns within the workplace. Helping users adapt to this is a concern for many organizations, keeping them up to date on changes can be difficult. Training employees is now becoming a mandatory requirement for all employers, and managing that can be a challenge. FSi Strategies has developed a platform to help organizations manage their Adoption and Training needs. Reports, quizzes, and surveys gather user feedback and track their adoption progress. Actionable analytics measure the effectiveness of your training programs and discover areas where your employees may require additional help. Our Microsoft Certified Trainers work with your organization to develop learning paths for employees to ensure that they are keeping up with changes in the environment.

Adoption is Key

A key objective of any major IT transition is adoption. This is especially true in the conversion or major upgrade of a platform. After spending time and money as well as throwing the entire organization into disruption for an extended amount of time, the desired payoff of improved results is only possible when users fully embrace the new system. Merely rolling out the new technology, while necessary, doesn’t qualify as success. Measuring adoption within an organization can be a difficult task, but it is key to understanding user’s behavior. If applications are not adopted and used as intended, shadow IT and security risk can become an issue. These reasons have led FSi to create its Training and Adoption Platform, with unique and immersive training experiences. This is instead of conventional video training led to limited results in the past. Our platform encourages employees to provide feedback, help them visualize how upcoming changes will impact their work. Get reporting metrics to measure employee success on an organization level, or by teams.

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