Unified Communications
Unified Communications

Drive workplace collaboration through one unified digital hub, bringing together calling, chat, video and meetings into a single application

All-in-One Communication Solution

Streamline communication with a comprehensive communication solution bringing together calling, chat, video, and meetings into a single application.

The work anywhere culture continues to evolve, and Modern Unified Communications has begun to take center stage. Implementing a single platform for chat, calling, and video is more critical than ever for the distributed workforce. Microsoft Teams Voice gives your employees a central hub to call, chat, collaborate and more, from any device anywhere, improving employee’s satisfaction and increasing productivity.


Average return on investment over a 3-year period.


Average number of months it takes to recoup cost after going live.


Increase in satisfaction after deployment.

Drive workplace collaboration through one unified digital hub.

FSi Strategies Modern Communications, provides users with a managed and secure modern, all-in-one communication solution. Allowing users, the ability to take calls from anywhere, on any device, streamlining meetings, chat, and collaboration into a single application. Extend your meetings with reliable calling and enhanced meeting experiences supported by Teams Certified Devices for Microsoft Teams Rooms, or traditional desktop phones.


We manage your entire collaboration platform, keeping your environment up to date by seamlessly enabling new features as they are released.

System Architecture

FSi performs a comprehensive discovery of your environment to create your unique migration path to the cloud.


Personalized trainings as well as interactive online learning to help your team get up and running faster than ever before.


Our team will work with you to ensure that your environment is secured using best-practice techniques.

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Give employees the calling features they need, backed by the security & reliability of Microsoft Teams. Enterprise voice systems historically required dedicated connectivity, complex server farms, and a large capital investment every few years. Microsoft Teams voice allows the flexibility of using your computer, mobile device, or a desk phone to make calls anywhere at any time. Setup is easy for users, allowing for easy transfers, delegation, and settings changes to be done from any platform.

Enterprise Calling

Receive calls anywhere on any device with cloud-based calling, with enterprise features such as;  presence-based call routing, call queues, auto attendants, call recording & more.

Collaborative Meetings

Run engaging and productive meetings with anyone, anywhere, securely. high-quality audio, video and screen sharing across multiple devices.

Instant Messaging

Reduce email and clutter by utilizing chats and thread-based communication. Chat from any device with the Teams app for mobile, desktop or web.

Modern Device Capabilities

Get the most out of your Modern Communications through Microsoft Teams Devices that offer full boardroom quality audio and advanced camera capabilities.

Increased Security

Control access to content, teams, and channels. eDiscovery, retention, and legal holds. Utilize DLP, Conditional Access and ATP to minimize accidental data leaks.

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Bring rich, inclusive meetings to life with a range of Teams-certified devices.

Simplify communication with hardware Certified to deliver high-quality audio, video, and sharing experiences, Teams devices enhance calling and meeting experiences.

Modern Device Capabilities

Get the most out of your Modern Communications through Microsoft Teams Devices that offer full boardroom quality audio and advanced camera capabilities.

Centralized Management

Ensure that your devices are automatically kept up to date with the correct policies and firmware. From all major manufactures such as HP, Lenovo, Poly, Yealink and more.

FSi Strategies is an active participant in the Microsoft Technology Adoption Program (TAP) for Teams Devices. As experts in Modern Communication, we are one of 150 elite companies globally that work with Microsoft to test and assist in certifying Teams Devices such as; Headsets, Speakerphones, Webcams, Desk Phones and Conference Room Solutions and more. FSi Strategies is positioned to provide your team the best recommendations on equipment to streamline processes and help users communicate effectively, in a way that they are used to.

Transform meeting spaces with collaborative Teams experiences that’s simple to use, deploy, and manage. Start meetings on time with one-touch join, then instantly project to the display in the room and share to remote participants.

Teams Meetings and Conference Rooms allow for a flexible solution to the modern workplace. Users can create and start a meeting with up to 250 participants from any device. Office huddle rooms, medium and large conference rooms can be setup with Teams Room Systems to provide a robust complete telepresence experience. All while maintaining the familiar easy to use Teams interface.

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Collaborate better.

Ask us about integrating your tools & platforms together – with architectural coherence and extensibility. Designing, implementing and supporting Modern Workplace technology is what FSi Strategies specializes in. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses implement modern security strategies in support of their missions. We invite you to discover how together, we can leverage the intelligent Cloud for the security and privacy needs of your business.

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