A New Approach

Modern workplaces demand a new approach to managing and securing data and devices, alongside seamless interactions between the productivity tools you rely on. Unified Endpoint Management is a platform that includes device and app management that simplifies modern workplace management.

Quickly Deploy Workstations

The future of workstation deployment is here, no longer will your organization need to maintain deployment servers, golden images, and manage driver/firmware updates. It’s now as simple as shipping the workstation directly to the user and having them login. Allow Autopilot to take over install application, configure machine and security policies and even configure cloud storage.

Easy Authentication with Advanced Security

The need for a user to be on the same network as everyone else is long gone. The modern workplace allows for a new way to login to workstations and get to company information. Modern Authentication allows users to have the freedom to work from anywhere, change passwords from anywhere and access files and applications from anywhere. Enhanced security, simplified access, and streamlined single sign-on are just a few features of modern authentication. 

Modernize Workstation Management

In the modern workplace managing workstations, the applications that employees need, and keeping devices up to date can be difficult. Cloud-based enterprise mobility management paired with security and compliance tools can help. Conditional Access, Remote Actions, and Client Health are just some of the great features that you get with the modern workplace.  

Get control of Shadow IT

Microsoft 365 allows for the easy identification cloud apps and services used by your organization. Then assess their risk levels and business readiness. To do this we detect unusual behavior across different applications looking for compromised users, applications, or high-risk usage. This allows for the prevention of data leaks of non-compliant applications.

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