Protect Your Organization with FSi Total Care

Modern Security for Modern Work


A harmonized approach to securing identities, devices, and data

As the modern work landscape continues to become more complex, traditional antivirus solutions aren’t enough to keep up with evolving security threats. Combining industry-leading cybersecurity technology with our certified security team’s experience and expertise, FSi Protect helps keep your organization secure by preventing, detecting, disrupting, and responding to sophisticated cyberattacks. Now more than ever, cybersecurity requires a multi-faceted zero-trust approach. FSi Protect breaks the security silos to bring you a comprehensive and fully integrated solution to secure identities, devices, and data.

FSi Safeguard (EDR & XDR)

Our industry leading EDR & XDR solution to protect your identities, devices, and data with our comprehensive configuration and management of Microsoft Security services.

Threat Disruption & Validation

Identify and disrupt emerging threats with security alert monitoring, automated threat response and remediation, escalation, and incident investigation when attacks happen.

Phishing Simulations

Realistic phishing campaigns to test your employees’ cyber awareness and to train them on how to spot and avoid malicious emails.

Security Workshops

Help your employees understand the cybersecurity risks and threats they face at work, and train them on the best practices to prevent, detect, and respond to them.

Network Monitoring & Management

Comprehensive and proactive monitoring of your network and its devices to oversee, control, and maintain its performance, availability, and security.

Server Management & Backup

Monitoring and management of physical and virtual servers to ensure optimum working conditions while minimizing exposed vulnerabilities.