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A shifting landscape
The way we work today has changed. More people are working remotely or want to adjust their hours without compromising productivity. As teams become more dynamic and schedules more diverse, businesses want to collaborate in real-time with partners, vendors, and customers.

Today, businesses want to reduce friction and be efficient. They want to reduce email clutter, make meetings more efficient or unnecessary, work together in real time to solve problems, and as part of that change, FSi Strategies Inc., has moved over 1,000 businesses to Office 365 for business-class email, best-in-class productivity apps, Microsoft Teams – a hub for teamwork that helps increase innovation. Including mobile worker support, external collaboration, enterprise-grade security, real-time teamwork.

Cutting to the core
Teamwork is the underlying principle behind Office 365 and Microsoft 365. And the reason is obvious – it’s the way work gets done now. While organizations all have their own unique identities, the struggles affecting the culture of work and employee’s expectations of a modern work environment are common.

Geo diversity
In addition to an increase in collaboration, there are other divergences about how we’re working together today. The need to enable communications and collaboration has grown, regardless of geography. And teams with remote workers have unique challenges. Because they’re not in the office with their team, remote workers often feel less engaged and connected to their company, which can hurt productivity and performance.

We see demand from customers who want to embrace these workplace trends and use technology to empower employees to do their best work. There is a movement towards transparency and inclusivity in how decisions are made. Organization structures are becoming more flat. Being on more teams has also led to a dramatic increase in the amount of collaboration.  

Overcoming the technical.

Exploring the biggest teamwork challenges.

  • Some organizations go through inefficient meetings, unnecessary travel time  Ineffective scheduling tools and inability to locate or easily share meeting notes, chats, and relevant files contribute to unnecessary back and forth and painfully long email threads.
  • Unsecured file sharing between employees  Without a centralized hub for file sharing internally and externally, team members might use unsanctioned apps, creating the potential for security vulnerabilities.
  • No collaboration tools or too many  Traditional office environments without an integrated collaboration hub limit ability to collaborate securely with others.
  • Version Control Issues  Without a centralized place to collect team input, team members might use an outdated contract template or a document missing final adjustments.

Change for success.

Common Misconceptions
FSi understands that changing the paradigm to the customer environment is vital. There are no shortcuts to adopt new technologies – but there are ways to increase the likelihood of success when deploying new applications. Some common misconceptions about teamwork below:

We are a small business, so we don’t need a full Teamwork solution.  Small business teams are often structured the same as teams in larger enterprises. They struggle to collaborate effectively with external users and despite version control issues. FSi provides the best-in-class tools to help bring together teams, conversations, and resources in one place. Imagine the productivity gains your employees can realize when you can quickly onboard new teammates to a project, support remote workers in the field or satellite locations as a part of the team, and ensure that all team members are informed and have everything they need to advance their work. Vendors and customers can be invited to be active members of the team so that everyone can contribute to the shared effort. Online file sharing makes you faster and more efficient. Everything the team works on is captured and organized by topic into one place. 

Email is our Teamwork platform.  Smaller companies interested in working better together need better tools. It’s too easy to forget to include someone or something crucial with email. Microsoft Teams combines the structure of email with the approach of social networking to deliver a Teamwork platform that brings together different styles of working. Online file sharing makes you faster and more efficient. 

We don’t have a budget for something like Teamwork.  Microsoft Teams, part of Office 365 and Microsoft 365, offers a hub that brings people together for chat, meetings, calling, and real-time document collaboration. It is included in most Office 365 subscriptions at no additional cost.

Technology can enable teamwork!

SMBs collaboration challenges
– Ability to get work done from anywhere (affects remote & mobile workforce)
– Document version control & co-authoring (affects internal and external sharing)

Reasons SMBs cite to buy technology
– Make it easier for our team to do their jobs
– Improve employee productivity
– Improve data security

Accomplish goals in real-time.

Share information & complete your objectives with Microsoft Teams
The ultimate hub of teamwork that brings together people for chat, meetings, calling, and real-time document collaboration:

Chat & Online Meetings  Empower workers as they engage with customers, see products in action, and represent your business. Work from anywhere by holding online meetings with anyone inside or outside the organization. Make work easy using the meeting scheduling assistant, screen-sharing, and note taking capabilities as part of online meetings. Speed innovation together through 1:1 chats and conversations centered around workstreams.

Microsoft Teams calling & conferencing Make calls (anywhere) from your workstation, your desktop or your mobile phone using the teams app. Conferencing is made easy. Setup conference calls through any device.

Shift & Task Management  Create and manage schedules and tasks with Shifts & Automate everyday activities with PowerApps and Flow. The Shifts app in Microsoft Teams keeps workers  connected and in sync. Built first for mobile, to prioritize fast and effective time management and communication for Firstline Workers and their managers. Using their mobile devices to manage schedules and keep in touch, managers create, update, and manage shift schedules for teams. They can send messages to one person (“there’s a spill on the floor”) or the entire team (“the regional GM is arriving in 20 minutes”), and can also send policy documents, news bulletins, and videos. Employees can view their upcoming shifts, see who else is scheduled for the day, request to swap or offer a shift, and request time off.

Consolidate tools. Shrink cost.

Simplify your technology investment
Within the Microsoft ecosystem, organizations have realized significant benefits by transitioning to the Office 365 productivity library—faster access to documents and tools, improved decision making, higher productivity when working mobile—as well as savings in technology and IT support costs.

Office 365 E3
Conference Solution

FSi Strategies + Microsoft Teamwork

The Customer-centric approach
FSi has been providing IT services and management for over 17 years, staying true to the emphasis of customer experience, and helping clients leverage their technology, while managing their information & workloads.

Take advantage of continuous end-user support, training, and adoption services  FSi’s Service desk can provide immediate support for end-users, while Microsoft Certified Trainers can come on-site to train your team. If you need continual education for your users, FSi Training and Adoption Management provides training from within the Office 365 portal.

Benefit from streamlined user policy governance and data lifecycle management support  All your data in one place means new governance features such as auto-classification of files and data loss prevention policies. Using the security and compliance center, FSi Strategies implements best-in-class features to your modern workplace.

Enable online meetings, setup workload enablement, file and content migration  Teams unlocks a new way to collaborate through meetings, though it is important to get your configuration correct before releasing it to your users. FSi Strategies works directly with Microsoft in the testing of new Teams features, to develop best practice deployment allowing your users to have a modern workplace that becomes easy to use and intuitive.

Migrate your phones to Teams with Calling and Conferencing  With the new culture of bring your own device (BYOD) and work from home creating headaches for users and administrators alike, deploying Unified Communication into your office can be difficult. Teams Calling and Conferencing introduces a simple way for users to have their work numbers and contacts on every device, as well as easy to control voicemail, do not disturb, call park, call delegation, multifactor authentication, and one-touch meeting & calendar view.

Work is Changing.

In today’s workplace, no employee is an island. Individual success often hinges on each person’s ability to work with others effectively and productively. Let FSi help demonstrate the power of the cloud with minimal risk and great upside. Contact us and start your free assessment now!