365 Productivity Training

Being a new employee has never been easier. FSi’s interactive training allows your team member to become more conscious in their current role. Search allows users to find answers to common questions about your organization. This fosters ongoing employee engagement and alleviate new employee burdens by connecting users to each other and providing intuitive self-service support.

Custom Content Training

We work with you to design training specific to your organization. Custom content can range from line of business applications to policies and procedures. Allowing for quicker on-boarding for new employees, requiring organization training, and the ability to measure understandings of policies and procedures.

Create & Deploy Programs

Reports, quizzes, and surveys gather user feedback and track their adoption progress. Actionable analytics measure the effectiveness of your training programs and discover areas where your employees may require additional help.

Measure & Manage Adoption

Improve employee adoption with unique and immersive training experiences instead of conventional video training that led to limited results in the past. Our platform encourages employees to provide feedback, this helps employees visualize how upcoming changes will impact their work. Get reporting metrics to measure employee success on an organization level, or by teams.

Better yet, try it for free!

– Users can login directly through the learning portal using their Office 365 credentials

– Located in the Office 365 portal for easy access, either through the help option, or through the app launcher

– It’s directly integrated into Microsoft Teams – you never have to leave the app to get answers

– Phone or Tablet, the application scales to fit your mobile device