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Making the decision to outsource IT services or not is as much about determining how you want to run your nonprofit as it is about the best approach to address your technical needs. Many nonprofits already outsource components of their organization to gain access to expertise, improve operational efficiencies, and simply remain competitive. Why? Because outsourcing elements of your organization makes good business sense.

How do you want to run your nonprofit?

Technology is the primary force transforming and driving nonprofits today. Data security, compliance, and IT complexity are becoming bigger challenges for small and midsize companies with the constant evolution of digital transformation. To address these challenges, some nonprofit leaders are outsourcing IT either entirely or in part to complement an existing IT staff who are too overwhelmed with day-to-day support tasks to carry out high-value strategic IT initiatives.

FSi - Outsource Numbers

In the statistics above, Techaisle estimates how organizations will continue to outsource their IT needs in the coming years. This is because outsourcing your IT needs and using a Managed IT Services Provider gives you the freedom to focus on your organization’s goals and not its IT issues.

What are Managed Services?

More than a vendor. A trusted advisor. In its simplest form, the managed IT service provider or MSP model provides remote services for desktop and end-user support, network monitoring and management, application management, cloud services, security and compliance, and data backup and disaster recovery. MSPs help manage an organization’s IT infrastructure and they work with client leadership to strategically align technology with overall business objectives. Managed IT services ensure an organization’s network is current and that its technology provides seamless operations across all departments and roles within the company.

Managed services are generally provided as a fixed monthly operational expense, making it an attractive alternative to costly traditional IT staffing and support models. The best way to think about managed services is that it’s a long-term investment in your nonprofit, enabling you to focus on what matters to your organization.

Why should you use an MSP?

The true value of managed services is in the ownership of the end-to-end solutions that allow both you and your members to thrive. Adopting managed services is an efficient way to stay up-to-date on technology, get access to necessary skills, and address a range of issues related to cost, quality of service, and risk. MSP’s offer a value-added solution that allows organizations to further wrap their expertise around their members’ needs. Above all, the cornerstone of managed services is exactly what the name implies: services, provided as part of a long-term customer relationship. 

Why outsource IT services?

Outsourcing, as an IT consumption model, continues to prove very popular, particularly for small and mid-sized organizations.

  • An estimated 50% of those organizations are now using some combination of managed services to support IT and business requirements.
  • This number is expected to continue growing over the next 12 months to as high as 75%.

Here are a few key points why outsourcing IT services can be the answer to addressing today’s complex IT challenges while helping nonprofits meet their mission.

When innovation becomes gradually embedded into the fabric of society, organizations are embracing a creative and groundbreaking IT strategy. FSi is a recognized Microsoft Gold Partner with a proven reputation of delivering modern workplace transformation solutions that enable our clients to grow their businesses, operate efficiently, and remain competitive.

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