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A new way to get help using FSi's add-in

A new way to Get Help

At FSi Strategies, we continuously strive to improve the user experience. From strategic planning to our Service Desk, everything we do is to help you align your technology to your business goals, and we’re excited to announce the introduction of FSi Get Help.

Get Help is an add-in that provides our clients with timely and efficient access to support and resources anywhere in the Microsoft ecosystem. Innovation and staying customer connected are key aspects of our culture at FSi, and the Get Help add-in elevates both, enabling us to work with clients in new, more efficient ways.

“Get Help” is available in Microsoft Teams and the Office apps: Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word, both in the desktop programs and on the web. Additionally, the app is available as a browser extension for Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Once installed, it will appear on the menu of those apps.

Once installed, users will automatically be logged in through the Single Sign-On (SSO) on Microsoft Teams and the Office platforms. The user may need to confirm their login by allowing identity credentials or approving a Multi-factor Authentication notification.

When you open the app, you’ll see the most recent recently closed ticket as well as its corresponding customer satisfaction survey. Additionally, when you access the app through Microsoft Teams, you will see a menu for the app’s features and a display from FSi’s LinkedIn page.

Viewing Tickets & Rating Your Experience

When you click the “My Tickets” button, the app will display a menu that lists your service tickets from the past seven days with an option to load more. Using the menu options, you can filter the tickets to see ones that are closed or ones that are open. When viewing the open tickets, you can fill out your customer satisfaction survey by selecting a happy face, a neutral face, or a frowny face. And the app will display your previews ratings for closed tickets.

Submitting Tickets

When you select “Submit New Ticket,” you’ll be able to send a ticket directly through the application to our Service Desk. Simply, enter a title for the ticket, select the urgency of the ticket, describe the issue in detail, and enter a contact number. When your ticket is successfully sent, you’ll be returned to the app’s home screen, and you can view it by refreshing your tickets in the ticket viewing menu.

Remote Sessions

Sometimes resolving a ticket means our specialists need to remotely access your desktop, and with the Get Help app, the process is easier than ever. One of our Service Desk specialists will send you a 5-digit code, which can be entered into the “Join Remote Session” menu in the app. After the code is entered, a button will appear, prompting you to join the session. This will open automatically your default web browser and download the required ScreenConnect application, which will enable our specialist to access your desktop and resolve the issue.

Direct Access to Online Portals

At FSi Strategies, we utilize a Learning Portal, a Resource Portal, and a Feedback Portal for clients, & all three can be directly accessed through Get Help. At the bottom of the app’s home screen, you’ll find three buttons that lead to the three respective portals. When you click on one, the portal will open in your default web browser, taking you directly to the portal you need.

We’re excited to be rolling out “FSi Get Help” for clients, providing an added layer of support and making it easier than ever for clients to submit and review tickets. The customer experience is a core part of what we do, and we’re proud to be elevating it. If you’d like to learn more about the Get Help app and how it works, reach out to us today.


All FSi Clients will be able to access “FSI Get Help” directly from their Office Applications or Web browser using the extension. This does require a client to have Microsoft 365 and does not work with Google Apps (including Gmail).


The “FSi Get Help” Addin is an Office Add-in and browser extension that allows our clients to reach out to our service desk, check the status of tickets, as well as submit ticket and service reviews.


The add-in will be rolled out in your environment in the next few weeks while the browser extension will require the user to install it. The browser extension can be installed at any time from the Chrome Web Store or the Edge Web Store.


In all Office applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Teams) and Chrome and Edge web browsers.


This will enable all users to have easy access to submit tickets directly from their flow of work. If you are working with an Analyst then you will be able to join remote sessions as well, without having to go to a web address.


FSi Get Help! Has been designed with security and identity in mind. The application works with Azure Entra (formerly Azure AD) to ensure that your security standards are up held. It utilizes SSO from your computer or browser to login, however if your organization has not configured SSO or has additional security parameters in place it will require an MFA prompt to login.

How it Works:

The FSI Get Help! Add-in is built on Azure services such as Functions, LogicApps, Web App and more. It utilizes a JavaScript API that Microsoft has developed and you can read more about here. This microservice architecture allows for scalability as well as security, all while relying on the resilience of the Microsoft Cloud.

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