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Efficiently managing your organization’s infrastructure in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape can be a challenge. On-premise servers and datacenters are expensive to support, and they lack the security and flexibility needed in the Modern Workplace. Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform is designed to help you navigate the Modern Workplace as it continues to evolve, providing you with the tools and framework you need to succeed now and in the future. With the FSi Cloud Infrastructure Accelerator, we can help you design infrastructure that fits your organization’s unique needs.

Discover How Our Cloud Infrastructure Accelerator Can Help You

At FSi Strategies, we focus on the Microsoft Cloud to build custom solutions for your organization. With Microsoft Azure, we can migrate your workloads into the cloud, bringing enterprise-grade technology to your organization regardless of size. Utilizing the Microsoft Cloud ensures that your infrastructure is scalable, reliable, secure, cost effective, and flexible, and it keeps your files secure and backed up with Microsoft 365.


Years of Experience

We’ve been supporting and managing IT since 2003.


Certification Policy

Our team boasts 100% Microsoft Certification.


Cloud Company

We practice what we preach. We are the modern workplace.


Microsoft Solutions Partner Designations

We hold Designations for Modern Work & Security.

Modern Workplace Transformation

Case Study: American Financial Services Association

“FSi Strategies quickly assessed our IT environment and successfully migrated us away from our virtual desktop (VDI) environment to a more secure Microsoft Cloud solution that promoted mobility, collaboration, and productivity. FSI met our aggressive schedule requirements and we have been extremely satisfied with our client experience with FSi from cloud migration to the ongoing IT managed service”

– Dan Bucherer, AFSA

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