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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Increase Efficiency, Analyze your Business, & Empower your Employees

Increase Sales Efficiency

Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives your sales team greater access and insight than ever before allowing users to access data directly from Microsoft Teams, Dynamics 365 on the web, or the Dynamics 365 mobile app. Give your sales team actionable data based on past trends, call analytics, and marketing interaction. Keep your sales staff on task with Sequences, giving pre-defined task and automating content delivery with just two clicks. Provide managers actionable reporting, allowing greater prediction for sales engagement.

Expand your Marketing

Use the all-new Dynamics 365 marketing to reach customers like never before. Create real-time marketing using real world triggers like joining guest Wi-Fi, signing into an application, or visiting a location to create marketing journeys for your clients. Personalize engagement using AI recommendations for content, customer segmentation, and other analytics.

Streamline Process between Marketing & Sales

Utilize the Unified Interface to give users a familiar process to pass customers between sales and marketing. Allowing marketing to pass warm, or hot leads to sales, and allowing sales to send leads to marketing for longer term nurturing campaigns, or on-going marketing efforts.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Give your customers the best experience possible with Dynamics 365 for customer service. Our team can help you develop self-service portals, bots, and knowledge bases to ensure that you staff are able to assist customers with greater ease. Bots and Portals can collect data to streamline customer service calls, while knowledge bases aided by AI give your staff the information they need all in a single place. Track open cases, escalate, and even assign cases based on experience all within Dynamics.

Gain Customer Insight

Obtain detailed analytics using Artificial Intelligence, including conversation recordings and transcription, ensuring your team never misses a detail. Have actionable tasks automatically created with reminders directly in your Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams calendar and dig even deeper with sentiment analysis to gage how customers are feeling. This leads to actionable reporting and analytics, ensuring that your team and your customers are unified.

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