Copilot for M365


Revolutionize the way you work with Copilot

With the advent of AI ushering in a new era of Modern Work, Microsoft is leading the way with Copilot for Microsoft 365. Copilot is your AI-powered virtual assistant, designed to help you streamline your workflows, enhance productivity and collaboration, and optimize your user experience. Copilot can help you and your organization work more efficiently with Microsoft 365.

Enhance Your Office Experience

Copilot is designed to help you draft, edit, and refine your writing in Word, analyze, comprehend, and visualize data in Excel, and create dynamic designs in PowerPoint.

Utilize AI Responsibly

As part of Microsoft’s commitment to responsible AI practices, Copilot is driven by ethical principles and utilizes industry-leading security to keep your data safe.

Work More Efficiently

70% of Copilot users say they were more productive in their work, and 68% say it improved their work quality.

A Better Way to Meet

Copilot can help you enhance your virtual meeting experience by providing intelligent recaps, action items, and in-depth summaries.