FSi - Webinar (Intelligent Communication)
Intelligent Communication with Teams & M365 Copilot

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Intelligent Communication with Microsoft Teams & M365 Copilot

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In the ever-evolving landscape of workplace communication and collaboration, staying ahead means embracing innovation, evolution, and intelligence. This webinar uncovers the dynamic synergy between Microsoft Teams and the groundbreaking M365 Copilot technology, revolutionizing the way you interact, collaborate, and achieve your goals with generative AI.

In the Modern Workplace, communication is key. According to studies, 97% of employees believe that communication impacts their efficiency at work daily. Leveraging new tools can help you streamline your collaboration and communication, leading to more efficiency and productivity.

Watch our experts, as they provide an in-depth view of how you can strategically leverage the features offered by Teams and M365 Copilot in order to boost communication, collaboration, and productivity.

Webinar highlights:
– Explore the evolution of communication & collaboration tools.
– Unleash the power of Microsoft Teams: discover advanced features of Teams Premium.
– Discover intelligent written communication excellence with M365 Copilot.
– Elevate collaboration with Viva Engage.
– Live Q&A: our expert will be on hand to answer your questions & provide insights.